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Fifty Shades of Grey

Check out the official track list of the soundtrack of Fifty Shades of Grey, the upcoming romantic drama movie directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson and starring Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan:

Fifty Shades of Grey Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Various artists.
1. I Put a Spell On You – Annie Lennox
2. Undiscovered – Laura Welsh
3. Earned It – The Weeknd
4. Meet Me In the Middle – Jessie Ware
5. Love Me Like You Do – Ellie Goulding
6. Haunted (Michael Diamond Remix) – Beyoncé
7. Salted Wound – Sia
8. Beast of Burden – The Rolling Stones
9. I’ m On Fire – AWOLNATION
10. Crazy In Love (2014 Remix) – Beyoncé
11. Witchcraft – Frank Sinatra
12. One Last Night – Vaults
13. The Weeknd – Where You Belong – The Weeknd
14. Skylar Grey – I Know You – Skylar Grey
15. Anna and Christian – Danny Elfman
16. Did That Hurt? – Danny Elfman

Fifty Shades of Grey Song - Fifty Shades of Grey Music - Fifty Shades of Grey Soundtrack - Fifty Shades of Grey Score

Plot Synopsis:
A literature student Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) meets a handsome, yet tormented, billionaire named Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan).

The movie soundtrack of Fifty Shades of Grey will be released on February 10, 2015 by Republic Records.

Update – here’s the tracklisting of the film score:

Fifty Shades of Grey Original Motion Picture Score
Composed by Danny Elfman.
1. Shades Of Grey
2. Ana’ s Theme
3. The Red Room
4. Then Don’ t!
5. A Spanking
6. Going For Coffee
7. Where Am I?
8. Ana and Christian
9. Clean You Up
10. The Contract
11. The Art Of War
12. Did That Hurt?
13. Bliss
14. Show Me
15. Counting To Six
16. Variations On A Shade

Fifty Shades of Grey Film Score


White House Down

There’s no track list of the official soundtrack of White House Down yet, but here’s a list of the songs listed in the film credits:

White House Down Soundtrack
Various artists.
1. Spanish Flea – Herb Alpert, Tijuana Brass
2. Chevy Knights – He Met Her
3. For He’s A Jolly Good Fellow
4. Symphony No. 5 in C minor Op. 67 – Richard Edlinger, Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra
5. Symphony No. 7 in A major Op. 92 – Helmut Müller-Brühl, Cologne Philharmonic Orchestra
6. Piano Concerto No. 3 in C minor Op. 37 – Henri Sigfridsson, Helmut Müller-Brühl, Cologne Philharmonic Orchestra
7. Street Fighting Man – The Rolling Stones
White House Down Song - White House Down Music - White House Down Soundtrack - White House Down Score

Plot Synopsis:
“While on a tour of the White House with his young daughter, a Capitol policeman (Channing Tatum) springs into action to save his child and protect the president (Jamie Foxx) from a heavily armed group of paramilitary invaders.”

White House Down is an upcoming action thriller movie directed by German Filmmaker Roland Emmerich and starring Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx.

Update – There’s now a track list of the official film score:

White House Down Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by by Thomas Wander and Harald Kloser.
1. White House Down Opening Theme
2. Birdfeeder
3. Arrival At The White House
4. Give Me A Chance
5. Let’s Go
6. Elevator Chase
7. Work To Do
8. Satellite Phone
9. Fighting Vadim
10. Emily Is On TV
11. Dumbwaiter
12. Facial Recognition
13. Daughters & Finnerty’s Plan
14. Which Direction
15. Cale’s On The Roof
16. We Are A Go
17. Ground Impact Confirmed
18. You Have 8 Minutes
19. After The Fire
20. Gonna Shoot Me?
21. Two Minutes To Target
22. White House Down End Theme
23. Chevy Knights (Mickey & Mallory) – He Met Her
White House Down Song - White House Down Music - White House Down Soundtrack - White House Down Score


Scott Pilgrim

We’ve got our hands on the track list of the soundtrack of Scott Pilgrim, the upcoming fantasy comedy movie directed by Edgar Wright and starring Michael Cera:

Scott Pilgrim Movie Soundtrack
01 SEX BOB-OMB (Beck): “We Are SEX BOB-OMB”
02 Plumtree: “Scott Pilgrim”
03 Frank Black: “I Heard Ramona Sing”
04 Beachwood Sparks: “By Your Side”
05 Black Lips: “O Katrina!”
06 Crash and the Boys (Broken Social Scene): “I’m So Sad, So Very, Very Sad”
07 Crash and the Boys (Broken Social Scene): “We Hate You Please Die”
08 SEX BOB-OMB (Beck): “Garbage Truck”
09 T. Rex: “Teenage Dream”
10 The Bluetones: “Sleazy Bed Track”
11 Blood Red Shoes: “It’s Getting Boring by the Sea”
12 Metric: “Black Sheep”
13 SEX BOB-OMB (Beck): “Threshold”
14 Broken Social Scene: “Anthems for a Seventeen-Year-Old Girl”
15 The Rolling Stones: “Under My Thumb”
16 Beck: “Ramona (Acoustic)”
17 Beck: “Ramona”
18 SEX BOB-OMB (Beck): “Summertime”
19 Brian LeBarton: “Threshold 8 Bit”
Scot Pilgrim Song - Scott Pilgrim Music - Scott Pilgrim Soundtrack

Here’s the music video of Scott Pilgrim:

Scott Pilgrim – “Black Sheep” performed by The Clash at Demonhead.

The soundtrack of Scott Pilgrim can boast a great collection of artists!