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  • Dunkirk

    Here’s the official track list of the soundtrack of Dunkirk, the upcoming epic action war drama thriller movie written and directed by Christopher Nolan and starring Kenneth Branagh, Cillian Murphy, Tom Hardy, Mark Rylance, James D’Arcy, Harry Styles, Kevin Guthrie, Aneurin Barnard, Fionn Whitehead, Barry Keoghan, Elliott Tittensor, Jack Lowden, and Adam Long:

    Dunkirk Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
    Music by Hans Zimmer.

    1. The Mole
    2. We Need Our Army Back
    3. Shivering Soldier
    4. Supermarine
    5. The Tide
    6. Regimental Brothers
    7. Impulse
    8. Home
    9. The Oil
    10. Variation 15 (Dunkirk)
    11. End Titles
    Dunkirk Song - Dunkirk Music - Dunkirk Soundtrack - Dunkirk Score


    Plot Synopsis:
    Allied soldiers from the British Empire, Belgium and France are surrounded by the German army on the beaches on Dunkirk and evacuate it in Operation Dynamo between 26 May and 4 June 1940 during World War II.

    The movie soundtrack of Dunkirk will be released on July 21, 2017 by WaterTower Music.

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    Transformers 5

    Check out the official track list of the soundtrack of Transformers 5 The Last Knight, the upcoming action science-fiction movie sequel directed by Michael Bay:

    Transformers 5 The Last Knight Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
    Music by Steve Jablonsky.

    1. Sacrifice (6:46)
    2. The Coming of Cybertron (4:58)
    3. Merlin’s Staff (5:49)
    4. No-Go Zone (3:28)
    5. Stay and Fight (6:26)
    6. Code Red (2:12)
    7. Izzy (4:00)
    8. Purity of Heart (3:34)
    9. Megatron Negotiation (3:37)
    10. Today We Hunt (1:46)
    11. Running out of Tomorrows (1:20)
    12. Drone Chase (5:07)
    13. You Have Been Chosen (2:17)
    14. Seglass Ni Tonday (6:27)
    15. Quintessa (6:36)
    16. Vivian (3:52)
    17. Abduction (3:04)
    18. History of Transformers (4:23)
    19. Cogman Sings (2:09)
    20. Vivian Follows Merlin (6:41)
    21. The Greatest Mission of All (2:19)
    22. Dive (3:15)
    23. Two Moons (2:03)
    24. Merlin’s Tomb (3:18)
    25. Claim the Staff (3:36)
    26. Prime Versus Bee (2:45)
    27. Your Voice (4:34)
    28. I Had My Moment (2:29)
    29. Ospreys (1:49)
    30. Battlefield (3:43)
    31. Did You Forget Who I Am (1:56)
    32. We Have to Go (5:48)
    33. Calling All Autobots (2:55)
    34. Sir Edmund Burton (4:10)
    Transformers 5 The Last Knight Song - Transformers 5 The Last Knight Music - Transformers 5 The Last Knight Soundtrack - Transformers 5 The Last Knight Score

    Plot Synopsis:
    In the absence of Optimus Prime, a war has commenced between the human race and the Transformers. To save their world, Cade Yeager forms an alliance with Bumblebee, an English lord named Sir Edmund Burton, and an Oxford University professor named Viviane Wembly to learn the secrets of why the Transformers keep coming back to Earth.

    The movie soundtrack of Transformers 5 The Last Knight will be released on June 23, 2017 by Paramount Music.

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    The Void

    Check out the official track list of the soundtrack of The Void, the latest horror movie written and directed by Steven Kostanski, and Jeremy Gillespie and starring Aaron Poole, Natalie Brown, Kenneth Welsh, Ellen Wong, and Art Hindle:

    The Void Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
    Various artists.

    1. Nowhere – Jeremy Gillespie
    2. Starless Night / The Void – Jeremy Gillespie
    3. The Hospital – Brian Wiacek
    4. Beverly – Brian Wiacek
    5. The Shape – Menalon
    6. The Walk – Blitz//Berlin
    7. A Hole In The World – Blitz//Berlin
    8. A Death In The Family – Menalon
    9. Desperate Times – Brian Wiacek
    10. Trapped – Blitz//Berlin
    11. Calling Them Here – Blitz//Berlin
    12. Desperate Measures – Brian Wiacek
    13. Resurrection – Menalon
    14. Cloak And Dagger / The Call – Blitz//Berlin
    15. The Answer – Blitz//Berlin
    16. Dysmorphia – Jeremy Gillespie
    17. The Axe – Blitz//Berlin & Brian Wiacek
    18. Infested / Jagged Pulse – Blitz//Berlin
    19. Descent – Brian Wiacek
    20. In The Walls – Blitz//Berlin
    21. Sacrifices – Blitz//Berlin
    22. A Small Hope – Blitz//Berlin
    23. Doorway – Brian Wiacek
    24. The Red Room / Maggie – Blitz//Berlin
    25. It’s Your Fault / Ceremony – Blitz//Berlin
    26. Passage – Menalon
    27. Place Of Worship / Configuration – Menalon
    28. The Birth – Blitz//Berlin
    29. The Child / This Isn’t The End – Blitz//Berlin
    30. Run Like Hell – Blitz//Berlin
    31. Aftermath / Last Hope – Blitz//Berlin
    32. Going To See The King – Jahmeel Russell, Amy de Blois, Darrell Simpson, Jeremy Gillespie
    The Void Song - The Void Music - The Void Soundtrack - The Void Score

    Plot Synopsis:
    When police officer Carter discovers a blood-soaked man limping down a deserted road, he rushes him to a local hospital with a bare bones, night shift staff. As cloaked, cult-like figures surround the building, the patients and staff inside start to turn ravenously insane. Trying to protect the survivors, Carter leads them into the depths of the hospital where they discover a gateway to immense evil.

    The movie soundtrack of The Void will be released on June 30, 2017 by Lakeshore Records.

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    The Monster

    Check out the official track list of the soundtrack of The Monster, the latest horror thriller movie written and directed by Bryan Bertino and starring Zoe Kazan, Ella Ballentine, Aaron Douglas, and Scott Speedman

    The Monster Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
    Music by tomandandy.

    1. Open (0:44)
    2. Garage (1:47)
    3. Woods (1:22)
    4. Outside (1:49)
    5. Drink (3:08)
    6. Roadkill (1:11)
    7. Wolf (2:37)
    8. Truck (4:25)
    9. Phone (4:00)
    10. Hate (1:56)
    11. Back (1:49)
    12. Scared (1:59)
    13. Alone (2:25)
    14. Here (2:06)
    15. Crawl (4:17)
    16. Keys (1:40)
    17. Car (3:21)
    18. Down (2:14)
    19. Ambulance (3:33)
    20. Side (2:03)
    21. See (1:08)
    22. Plan (2:34)
    23. Torch (7:53)
    24. Fix (2:32)
    25. Toy (3:20)
    26. Close (3:20)
    27. My Faith Stays Strong (3:09)
    The Monster Song - The Monster Music - The Monster Soundtrack - The Monster Score

    Plot Synopsis:
    Acclaimed horror filmmaker Bryan Bertino (The Strangers) directs this suspenseful and scary new film, in which a divorced mother (Zoe Kazan) and her headstrong daughter must make an emergency late night road trip to see the girl’s father. As they drive through deserted country roads on a stormy night, they suddenly have a startling collision that leaves them shaken but not seriously hurt. Their car, however, is dead, and as they try in vain to get help, they come to realize they are not alone on these desolate backroads — a terrifying evil is lurking in the surrounding woods, intent on never letting them leave…
    A chilling and tension-filled experience, The Monster pits two ferociously strong women against one of the scariest and most shocking monsters you’ll ever see. It will be a battle no one will forget.

    The movie soundtrack of The Monster will be released on June 23, 2017 by Lakeshore Records.

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    Here’s the official track list of the soundtrack of Wakefield, the latest drama movie directed by Robin Swicord and starring Bryan Cranston, Jennifer Garner, Jason O’Mara, Beverly D’Angelo, and Ian Anthony Dale:

    Wakefield Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
    Music by Aaron Zigman & Jean-Yves Thibaudet & Aaron Zigman Ensemble.

    1. Main Title Wakefield (4:05)
    2. End Title Wakefield (feat. Jean-Yves Thibaudet) (4:42)
    3. Declare Yourself (3:07)
    4. Diana (2:32)
    5. Driving (1:58)
    6. Jealousy (3:36)
    7. Into Action (1:47)
    8. Halloween Memories (feat. Jean-Yves Thibaudet) (4:09)
    9. Schubert: Impromptu In G Flat D899 No.3: Andante (Jean-Yves Thibaudet) (6:08)
    10. Gleaners (feat. Jean-Yves Thibaudet) (2:44)
    11. The Wrong Man (1:52)
    12. I Lied (1:03)
    13. Mirror (feat. Jean-Yves Thibaudet) (2:34)
    14. Routine Montage (0:50)
    15. Nightmare Prelude (3:04)
    16. Your Whole Life (1:22)
    17. The Look (1:10)
    18. Anxiety (0:49)
    19. Chopin: Andante in E-flat Major, Op.9, No.2 (Jean-Yves Thibaudet) (3:47)
    20. A Husband Doesn’t Just Vanish (1:45)
    21. Make Her the Victim (0:47)
    22. Can I Come Home (2:33)
    23. Power Failure (2:06)
    24. Dr. Sondervon (2:11)
    25. He’s Told Her (2:00)
    26. The Heat (2:45)
    27. The Fake Out (0:45)
    28. Pissed At My Wife (1:20)
    29. Mosquito Chase (0:57)
    30. Cops Leave (1:53)
    31. Girl Talk (0:48)
    32. Thinking About Money (1:45)
    33. It’s Easy to Leave Your Wife (2:41)
    Wakefield Song - Wakefield Music - Wakefield Soundtrack - Wakefield Score

    Plot Synopsis:
    Successful New York lawyer and suburban man Howard Wakefield (Bryan Cranston) takes a perverse detour from family life. He arrives home from work one night and does not enter his house. On impulse, Howard hides in the attic of his detached garage and keeps vigil there, secretly observing the effect of his disappearance on his wife (Jennifer Garner) and family.

    The movie soundtrack of Wakefield will be released on June 16, 2017 by Decca Gold.

    Here’s the movie trailer: Continue reading »

    The Book of Henry

    Here’s the official track list of the soundtrack of The Book of Henry, the upcoming drama movie directed by Colin Trevorrow and starring Naomi Watts, Jaden Lieberher, Jacob Tremblay, Sarah Silverman, and Maddie Siegler:

    The Book of Henry Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
    Music by Michael Giacchino.

    1. Overture (2:32)
    2. Treehouse Inventions (2:01)
    3. Cheering Up the Mountain (0:46)
    4. Predator in Their Midst (1:13)
    5. Research and Development (3:17)
    6. Shaking, Not Stirred (0:26)
    7. On Mortality (0:45)
    8. Henry’s Final Wish (3:41)
    9. A Tender House Call (1:05)
    10. Book Discovery: System of Abuse (2:02)
    11. Do You Have Prince Albert in a Can? (5:29)
    12. Target Practice (1:43)
    13. Forging Ahead (2:00)
    14. Peter’s Lament (2:50)
    15. The Parable of the Talents (4:18)
    16. Christina’s Dance (3:31)
    17. Susan for Justice (4:48)
    18. Peter the Great (1:43)
    19. Into the Fire (2:24)
    20. Closing the Book on Henry (0:34)
    21. Your Hand I Will Never Let It Go – Stevie Nicks (3:42)
    The Book of Henry Song - The Book of Henry Music - The Book of Henry Soundtrack - The Book of Henry Score

    Plot Synopsis:
    Sometimes things are not always what they seem, especially in the small suburban town where the Carpenter family lives. Single suburban mother Susan (Naomi Watts) works as a waitress at a diner, alongside feisty friend Sheila (Sarah Silverman). Her younger son Peter (Jacob Tremblay) is a playful 8-year-old. Taking care of everyone and everything is Susan’s older son Henry (Jaeden Lieberher), age 11. Protector to his adoring younger brother and tireless supporter of his often self-doubting mother — and, through investments, of the family — Henry blazes through the days like a comet. Susan discovers that the family next door, which includes Henry’s kind classmate Christina (Maddie Ziegler), has a dangerous secret — and that Henry has devised a surprising plan to help. As his brainstormed rescue plan for Christina takes shape in thrilling ways, Susan finds herself at the center of it.

    The movie soundtrack of The Book of Henry will be released on June 16, 2017 by Back Lot Music.

    Here’s the movie trailer: Continue reading »

    The Bad Batch

    Here’s the official track list of the soundtrack of The Bad Batch, the upcoming post-apocalyptic cannibal romantic movie written and directed by Ana Lily Amirpour and starring Jason Momoa, Suki Waterhouse, Keanu Reeves, Giovanni Ribisi, Yolonda Ross, Diego Luna, and Jim Carrey:

    The Bad Batch Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
    Various artists.

    1. USRCS Dialog – The The Bad Batch Cast
    2. Firefly – Black Light Smoke
    3. Karma Chameleon – Culture Club
    4. Heart – Darkside
    5. Cow Shit (Dialog) – The Dream aka Keanu Reeves
    6. Screws in My Head – Black Light Smoke
    7. Starry (Dialog) – Arlen aka Suki Waterhouse
    8. Otherness (Black Mustang’s Frozen Moon Jam) – Chilled by Nature
    9. It’s Strange (Dialog) – Arlen aka Suki Waterhouse
    10. All The Colours Of The Dark – Federale
    11. The Dream (Dialog) – The Dream aka Keanu Reeves
    12. Satin Drone – Pantha du Prince
    13. Fifty On Our Foreheads – White Lies
    14. Lostfound – Francis Harris
    15. All That She Wants – Ace of Base
    The Bad Batch Song - The Bad Batch Music - The Bad Batch Soundtrack - The Bad Batch Score

    Plot Synopsis:
    The film follows Arlen (Suki Waterhouse) after she’s left in a Texas wasteland fenced off from civilization. While trying to navigate the unforgiving landscape, Arlen is captured by a savage band of cannibals led by the mysterious Miami Man (Jason Momoa). With her life on the line, she makes her way to The Dream (Keanu Reeves). As she adjusts to life in ‘the bad batch’ Arlen discovers that being good or bad mostly depends on who’s standing next to you.

    The movie soundtrack of The Bad Batch will be released on June 23, 2017 by Lakeshore Records.

    Here’s the movie trailer: Continue reading »

    Despicable Me 3

    Check out the official track list of the soundtrack of Despicable Me 3, the upcoming CG animated movie sequel directed by Kyle Balda, Pierre Coffin, and Eric Guillon and featuring the voices of Steve Carell, Kristen Wiig, Trey Parker, Miranda Cosgrove, and Russell Brand:

    Despicable Me 3 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
    Original songs and themes by Pharrell Williams.

    1. Yellow Light – Pharrell Williams (3:37)
    2. Hug Me – Pharrell Williams & Trey Parker (2:20)
    3. Bad – Michael Jackson (4:07)
    4. Take on Me – a-ha (3:46)
    5. Papa Mama Loca Pipa – The Minions (1:29)
    6. There’s Something Special – Pharrell Williams (3:44)
    7. Tiki Tiki Babeloo – The Minions (1:13)
    8. Freedom – Pharrell Williams (2:43)
    9. Doowit – Pharrell Williams (4:02)
    10. 99 Luftballons – Nena (3:52)
    11. Into the Groove – Madonna (4:44)
    12. Chuck Berry – Pharrell Williams (3:15)
    13. Fun, Fun, Fun – Pharrell Williams (3:25)
    14. Despicable Me – Pharrell Williams (4:15)
    15. Despicable Me 3 Score Suite – Heitor Pereira (4:05)
    16. Malatikalano Polatina – The Minions (0:37)
    Despicable Me 3 Song - Despicable Me 3 Music - Despicable Me 3 Soundtrack - Despicable Me 3 Score

    Official music videos are available for some of the songs:

    Despicable Me 3 – Theme song with lyric – Papa Mama Loca Pipa – The Minions

    Yellow Light – Pharrell Williams

    Bad – Michael Jackson

    Take on Me – a-ha

    99 Luftballons – Nena

    Into the Groove – Madonna

    Plot Synopsis:
    Gru (Steve Carell) faces off against Balthazar Bratt (Trey Parker), a former child star who has grown up to become obsessed with the character that he played in the ’80s, and gets into some sibling rivalry when he meets his long-lost charming, cheerful, and more successful twin brother Dru (also voiced by Steve Carell) who wants to team up with him for one last criminal heist to steal the diamond that Bratt has stolen.

    The movie soundtrack of Despicable Me 3 will be released on June 30, 2017.

    Here’s the movie trailer: Continue reading »


    Here’s the official track list of the soundtrack of Miles, the latest drama movie directed by Nathan Adolf and starring Tim Boardman, Molly Shannon, Paul Reiser, Missi Pyle, Stephen Root, Yeardley Smith, and Annie Golden:

    Miles Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
    Music by Justin Bell and Jonathan Levi Shanes.

    1. Stop and Go (3:37)
    2. First Last Day (2:06)
    3. Game Time, Pt. 1 (2:04)
    4. Funeral (2:09)
    5. A Slow Morning (2:06)
    6. Girls Team (1:54)
    7. Suit Up (1:27)
    8. Coming out of My Shell (1:44)
    9. Spent It All (2:50)
    10. Signing Papers (2:26)
    11. Game Time, Pt. 2 (2:29)
    12. You’re Fired (2:05)
    13. Get Your Chance (1:32)
    14. Cemetery Walkthrough (0:36)
    15. Banned (1:28)
    16. A Note from Dad (2:09)
    17. Final Game (1:09)
    18. Breakup (1:27)
    19. Ejected (5:00)
    20. Miles’ Movie Music (2:07)
    Miles Song - Miles Music - Miles Soundtrack - Miles Score

    Plot Synopsis:
    Miles Walton (Tim Boardman), age 17, is biding his time until he can go away to college in Chicago and study filmmaking. His father passes away unexpectedly, revealing a secret affair with a local girl, which gutted their family savings. Miles can no longer afford to go to college. Desperate to get out of his small town, Miles finds the only remaining college scholarship in Chicago is to the Men’s Volleyball team at Loyola University. Because his high school doesn’t have a men’s team, Miles tries out for the girl’s team and head coach Leslie Wayne (Missi Pyle) accepts him on the team regardless of state regulations. Meanwhile Miles’s soft-spoken mother Pam (Molly Shannon) joins a local widow support group where she meets Lloyd O’Brien (Paul Reiser), the new school district Superintendent who fiercely opposes a boy on the girls’ volleyball team. Miles’ plans of attending College are threatened with suspension and he must fight against to chase his dreams of a better life.

    The movie soundtrack of Miles will be released on June 9, 2017 by Moviescore Media.

    Here’s the movie trailer: Continue reading »

    Kill Switch

    Check out the official track list of the soundtrack of Kill Switch, the upcoming science-fiction action thriller movie directed by Tim Smit and starring Dan Stevens, Bérénice Marlohe, Tygo Gernandt, Chloe-May Cuthill, Gijs Scholten van Aschat, Don Alphonso, and Mike Reus:

    Kill Switch Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
    Music by Seven League Beats.

    1. The Tower
    2. Drone Chase
    3. Almost There
    4. Too Close To Home
    5. Alterplex Commercial
    6. The Plane
    7. Kill Switch
    8. Pure Energy
    9. Drone Down
    10. Reynard
    11. Redivider
    Kill Switch Song - Kill Switch Music - Kill Switch Soundtrack - Kill Switch Score

    Seven League Beats created all the score for the film accompanied by a theme song by Don Diablo which will feature ons his upcoming album.
    Seven League Beats is best known for their work on short films such as Supporting Film and Démontable by video artist Douwe Dijkstra, which received critical acclaim worldwide.

    Plot Synopsis:
    Kill Switch charts the story of a pilot battling to save his family and the planet, based on Smit’s short What’s In The Box? Set in a future version of the world, the video game style plot follows an experiment for unlimited energy, harnessing parallel universes, which goes wrong. Chased by drones and soldiers, pilot and physicist Will Porter must race through an imploding world to get the Redivider box to a tower, which will save humanity, including his family, in the real world.

    The movie soundtrack of Kill Switch will be released on June 9, 2017 by CTM Music & Management.

    Here’s the movie trailer: Continue reading »