Crazy Rich Asians

Here’s the official track list of the soundtrack of Crazy Rich Asians, the upcoming comedy movie directed by Jon M. Chu and starring Constance Wu, Michelle Yeoh, Henry Golding, Gemma Chan, Awkwafina, Ken Jeong, Jimmy O. Yang, Chris Pang, Sonoya Mizuno, Jing Lusi, Ronny Chieng, Pierre Png, Fiona Xie, and Kheng Hua Tan:

Crazy Rich Asians Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Various artists.
1. Waiting For Your Return – Jasmine Chen (2:58)
2. Money (That’s What I Want) – Cheryl K (3:12)
3. Wo Yao Ni De Ai (I Want Your Love – I Want You To Be My Baby) – Grace Chang (2:41)
4. My New Swag (feat. Ty & Nina Wang) – VAVA (4:05)
5. Give Me a Kiss – Jasmine Chen (3:01)
6. Ren Sheng Jiu Shi Xi – Yao Lee (3:02)
7. Ni Dong Bu Dong (Do You Understand) – Lilan Chen (2:32)
8. Wo Yao Fei Shang Qing Tian – Grace Chang (3:17)
9. Material Girl (200 Du) – Sally Yeh (4:25)
10. Can’t Help Falling In Love – Kina Grannis (3:21
11. Wo Yao Ni De Ai (I Want Your Love – I Want You To Be My Baby) – Jasmine Chen (2:04)
12. Yellow – Katherine Ho (4:08)
13. Vote – Miguel (3:22)
14. Money (That’s What I Want) [feat. Awkwafina] – Cheryl K (3:12)
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Plot Synopsis:
The story follows Rachel Chu (Constance Wu), an American-born Chinese economics professor, who travels to her boyfriend Nick’s (Henry Golding) hometown of Singapore for his best friend’s wedding. Before long, his secret is out: Nick is from a family that is impossibly wealthy, he’s perhaps the most eligible bachelor in Asia, and every single woman in his ultra-rarefied social class is incredibly jealous of Rachel and wants to bring her down.

And here’s the track list of the film score:

Crazy Rich Asians Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by Brian Tyler.
1. Love Theme from Crazy Rich Asians – Brian Tyler
2. Text Ting Swing – Brian Tyler
3. Approaching The Palace – Brian Tyler
4. Astrid – Brian Tyler
5. Solitude – Brian Tyler
6. Astrid and the Earrings – Brian Tyler
7. Arrival in Singapore – Brian Tyler
8. Rainy Nights in London – Brian Tyler
9. Rachel’s Story – Brian Tyler
10. Shopping Spree – Brian Tyler
11. First Class – Brian Tyler
12. Hide the Jimmy Choos – Brian Tyler
13. Cousin Eddie and Cousin Alistair – Brian Tyler
14. Choices – Brian Tyler
15. We’ll Get Through It Together – Brian Tyler
16. Astrid and Rachel – Brian Tyler
17. Without Reservation – Brian Tyler
18. Family First – Brian Tyler
19. Lost in the Jungle – Brian Tyler
20. Lunch on the Goh – Brian Tyler
21. Parallel Decisions – Brian Tyler
22. Running Away – Brian Tyler
23. Because of Me – Brian Tyler
24. Jubilee Bop – Brian Tyler
Crazy Rich Asians Film Score

The movie soundtrack and the films core of Crazy Rich Asians were released on August 10, 2018 by WaterTower Music.

Here’s the movie trailer:



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