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Check out the official track list of the soundtrack of Wildling, the upcoming werewolf fantasy drama movie written and directed by Fritz Bohm and starring Liv Tyler, Bel Powley, and Brad Dourif:

Wildling Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by Paul Haslinger.
1. Do You Want to Hear a Story (2:09)
2. Entering a New World (1:54)
3. Run Like a Deer (2:11)
4. The Kiss (1:03)
5. Kill to Survive (0:58)
6. Haunted Memories (2:25)
7. Anna the Suspect (1:03)
8. Ancestral Remains (2:05)
9. The Arrest (1:21)
10. Anna Was a Mistake (1:43)
11. The Silver Moon (1:20)
12. Tracked and Hunted (1:34)
13. The River Goodbye (2:06)
14. Into the Storm of Fire (1:01)
15. The Will to Survive (1:10)
16. Hunter and Prey (1:37)
17. Attack Under Cover of Darkness (1:35)
18. The Call of the Wildling (2:18)
19. Wildling (4:27)
20. To the Northern Lights (2:30)
Wildling Song - Wildling Music - Wildling Soundtrack - Wildling Score

Plot Synopsis:
Anna (Bel Powley) spends her entire childhood under the care of a mysterious man she only knows as Daddy (Brad Dourif). He keeps her locked in an attic making her fear the Wildling, a child-eating monster that roams the outside. At age 16, Anna is freed by small-town sheriff Ellen Cooper (Liv Tyler) who helps her start a new life as a normal teenager. But as Anna’s body begins to blossom, her childhood nightmares return with a vengeance, leading to the conclusion of a dark secret…

The movie soundtrack of Wildling will be released on April 13, 2018 by Filmtrax.

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Resident Evil 6 The Final Chapter

Here’s the official track list of the soundtrack of Resident Evil 6 The Final Chapter, the upcoming zombie action science-fiction movie sequel written and directed by Paul W.S. Anderson and starring Milla Jovovich, Ruby Rose, Ali Larter, Iain Glen, Shawn Roberts, William Levy, Eoin Mcken, Rola, Joon-Gi Lee, and Fraser James:

Resident Evil 6 The Final Chapter Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by Paul Haslinger.
1 This Is My Story
2 A Force So Evil
3 Return To The Hive
4 The Turbine Sequence
5 Make It Right
6 Entering Raccoon City
7 Tunnel Vision
8 I Promised You An Answer
9 Seal The Hive
10 History is Written by the Victors
11 Downloading Alicia’s Memories
12 Laser Corridor Revisited
13 Ascension
14 Isaac’s Demise
15 The Anti-Virus Sacrifice
16 Why Am I Alive
17 Towards a New Horizon
18 My Work Is Not Done
19 The Run Towards the Crater
Resident Evil 6 The Final Chapter Song - Resident Evil 6 The Final Chapter Music - Resident Evil 6 The Final Chapter Soundtrack - Resident Evil 6 The Final Chapter Score

You may listen to some of the songs thanks to Milan Records:

Paul Haslinger – “Return to the Hive” (Resident Evil: The Final Chapter OST)

Paul Haslinger – “Entering Raccoon City” (Resident Evil: The Final Chapter OST)

Plot Synopsis:
Picking up immediately after the events in Resident Evil: Retribution, humanity is on its last legs in Washington D.C. As the only survivor of what was meant to be humanity’s final stand against the undead hordes, Alice (Milla Jovovich) must return to where the nightmare began – Raccoon City, where the Umbrella Corporation is gathering its forces for a final strike against the only remaining survivors of the apocalypse. In a race against time Alice will join forces with old friends, and an unlikely ally, in an action packed battle with undead hordes and new mutant monsters. Between regaining her superhuman abilities at Wesker’s hand and Umbrella’s impending attack, this will be Alice’s most difficult adventure as she fights to save humanity, which is on the brink of oblivion.

The movie soundtrack of Resident Evil 6 The Final Chapter will be released on January 27, 2017 by Milan Records.

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No Good Deed

The official track list of the soundtrack of No Good Deed, the upcoming thriller movie directed by Sam Miller and starring Idris Elba and Taraji P. Henson, has been revealed:

No Good Deed Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music composed by Paul Haslinger.
1. On This Day
2. The Parole Hearing
3. The Accident
4. Leaving For The Weekend
5. Watching Alexis
6. 17 Creston Lane
7. It Is All A Game
8. At The Door
9. The Unrelaxing Shower
10. We Have To Leave
11. The Traffic Stop
12. Why Are You Doing This?
13. Your Girlfriend Is Dead
14. Fight For Life
15. Terry’s New Beginnings

No Good Deed Song - No Good Deed Music - No Good Deed Soundtrack - No Good Deed Score

Plot Synopsis:
A wife and mother of two (Taraji P. Henson), lives an ideal life that takes a turn when her family is threatened by a stranger (Idris Elba) who talks his way into her house, claiming car trouble. The unexpected invitation leaves her terrorized and fighting for survival.

The movie soundtrack of No Good Deed will be released on September 9, 2014 by Madison Gate Records.

In The Blood

Here’s the official track list of the soundtrack of In The Blood, the latest action thriller movie directed by John Stockwell and starring Gina Carano, Cam Gigandet, Luis Guzmán, Amaury Nolasco, Ismael Cruz Cordoba, Treat Williams, Stephen Lang, and Danny Trejo:

In The Blood Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by Paul Haslinger.
1. Cock Fight
2. Ava’s Sadness
3. Off to Paradise
4. Following Timo
5. Chase to Centro Medico
6. Ava and Manny
7. Searching for Derek
8. Wheeled Out
9. Guided Street Chase
10. No Esta Bien
11. Correction Your Dead
12. I Miss You Already
In The Blood Song - In The Blood Music - In The Blood Soundtrack - In The Blood Score

Plot Synopsis:
Gina Carano stars as Ava, a trained fighter with a dark past. When her new husband (Cam Gigandet) vanishes during their Caribbean honeymoon, Ava uncovers a violent underworld of conspiracy in the middle of an island paradise. Armed with a deadly set of skills, Ava sets out to discover the truth — and to take down the men she thinks are responsible for his abduction, one by one.

The movie soundtrack of In The Blood is already available on Amazon and you may listen to samples of the songs below:


Three Musketeers

We’ve got our hands on the track list of the soundtrack of The Three Musketeers, the upcoming action thriller movie directed by Paul W.S. Anderson:

Three Musketeers Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by Paul Haslinger.
1. Only Four Men
2. Special Delivery For The King
3. Buckingham´s Departure
4. All For One
5. Do You Know Who I Am?
6. As Far Away As Possible
7. The King And Queen
8. Announcing Lady De Winter
9. Concealed Weapons Tango
10. Get Me One Of Those!
11. The Venice Heist
12. She Died The Way She Lived
13. I Hate Air Travel
14. Rochefort Ante Portas
15. Open Fire!
16. A Chance To Escape
17. Round Two
18. If You Insist!
19. You Should Have Apologized To My Horse!
00. Boys Will Be Boys
21. The World Calls To The Young
22. To France, Of Course
23. When We Were Young – Take That
The Three Musketeers Song - The Three Musketeers Music - The Three Musketeers Soundtrack

Here’s the official music video of the theme song of The Three Musketeers:

The Three Musketeers – “When We Were Young” by Take That

The movie soundtrack of The Three Musketeers will be released on October 18, 2011.

You may listen below to the songs of the Three Musketeers soundtrack:

Take That – When We Were Young
“When We Were Young“ was composed and performed by Take That. It was featured in the soundtrack of Paul W.S. Anderson’s The Three Musketeers (2013).

An interview with the film director:

The Three Musketeers – Paul Anderson Introduces the Soundtrack