Leona Lewis

No Strings Attached

I stumbled upon the track list of the soundtrack of No Strings Attached, a charming romantic comedy drama movie starring Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman:

No Strings Attached Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by various artists
1. I Wanna Sex You Up – Color Me Badd
2. What Good Is a Boy – Lanchen
3. Click, Click, Click, Click – Bishop Allen
4. Bang Bang Bang – Mark Ronson & The Business Intl.
5. 99 Problems – Hugo
6. Bossa Nova Baby (Viva Elvis) – Elvis Presley
7. Bleeding Love – Leona Lewis
8. Untitled (How Does It Feel) – D’Angelo
9. I Will Let You Go – Daniel Ahearn
10. It Was You – Robbie Neville
11. Rock It – Little Red
12. Love Lost – The Temper Trap
No Strings Attached Song - No Strings Attached Music - No Strings Attached Soundtrack

You may listen to the songs of the soundtrack of No Strings Attached below:

Haven’t heard that song by Color Me Badd in years, I almost forgot how awesome it is! Anyway, the movie soundtrack of No Strings Attached will be released on February 15, 2011.


Avatar Movie SountrackYou may check below the track list of the Avatar soundtrack:

Avatar Soundtrack (Score & Theme Song) – Track-Listing
1. “You Don’t Dream In Cryo…” – James Horner
2. Jake Enters His Avatar World – James Horner
3. Pure Spirits Of The Forest – James Horner
4. The Bioluminescence Of The Night – James Horner
5. Becoming One Of “The People” Becoming One With Neytiri – James Horner
6. Climbing Up Iknimaya : The Path To Heaven” – James Horner
7. Jake’s First Flight – James Horner
8. Scorched Earth – James Horner
9. Quaritch – James Horner
10. The Destruction Of Hometree – James Horner
11. Shutting Down Grace’s Lab – James Horner
12. Gathering All The Na’vi Clans For Battle – James Horner
13. War – James Horner
14. I See You (Theme Song of Avatar) – Leona Lewis

Here’s the theme song of Avatar, “I See You” by Leona Lewis:


Great music video for avatar!