It’s Kind Of A Funny Story

Here’s the track list of the soundtrack of “It’s a Kind Of A Funny Story”, the upcoming comedy movie starring Keir Gilchrist, Zach Galifianakis, Emma Roberts and Viola Davis:

It’s Kind Of A Funny Story Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
1. Not at My Best – Broken Social Scene
2. Smash It Up – The Damned
3. Happy Today – The Wowz
4. Icarus – White Hinterland
5. Where You Go – Elden Calder
6. The Ills – Mayer Hawthorne
7. Da Rockwilder – Method Man and Redman
8. Tourist in Your Town – Pink Mountaintops
9. Where Is My Mind – Maxence Cyrin
10. Blood – The Middle East
11. Check Me Out – Little Denise
12. Habina – Rachid Taha
13. Major Label Debut (Fast) – Broken Social Scene
14. Sweet Number One – Broken Social Scene
It's Kind Of A Funny Story Song -It's Kind Of A Funny Story Music - It's Kind Of A Funny Story Soundtrack

The soundtrack of It’s Kind Of A Funny Story is a compilation of songs from various artists straight from the film’s musical pulse. You may listen to the songs below:


54 Responses - “It’s Kind Of A Funny Story”

  1. Brent

    Hey, in the very last 5 mins the is a song that starts out with some bass guitar….? what song is that..?


  2. Kenyetta Wilkerson

    it’s called be by common

  3. bri

    Also, “Under Pressure” (by Queen? At least it was originally) was featured very prominently in the movie.

  4. urmomma

    yea bro! u totally left out Common-be….which is the outro track. “Kinda of” important if you ask me!

  5. chris

    What’s the song in this film that plays when there leaving in the wheelchair to play basketball starts off sounding like a siren playing. Help

  6. Breh

    Also “Intro” by The XX was used during the second brain map city.

  7. yeah

    What’s the old school hip hop song that plays in the background when Craig’s friend is talking to him on the phone? Craig is in the hospital, and his guy friend is hanging out in a bedroom with Nia and some other people.

  8. Ned

    The hip hop song in the basketball scene that starts with a siren is Method Man & Redman – Da Rockwilder

  9. Marie

    What’s the song for the first brian map overview?

  10. Liz

    The song I think you’re looking for is called “let’s go surfing” by the drums.

  11. alex

    the name of the song is: ida maria – oh my god …kisses

  12. James

    What is the last song, just before the end of credits? (Instrumental, kinda atmospheric)

  13. Scott

    and the song when he’s runing out with noelle to the roof :O ?

  14. MikeN

    What’s the name of the song that comes after his mom tells him to make maps of imaginary places?

  15. kita

    What`s is that song at the 42:26 min. when he is drawing his first brain map??

  16. fred ontario

    kits the track you are looking for is “intro” by a band named The XX of their self-titled album.

  17. Gyro

    hey kita and others looking for the first brain map song !! its Icarus – White Hinterland
    Enjoy !

  18. SparkZZ

    You Forgot The Song:

    Black Sabbath – It’s Alright

    It Starts Playing At 1hour 25min At The Roof Scene. My Favorite Song From The Whole Movie

  19. MikeM

    thank u SparkZZ. it’s also my favorite.

  20. disquedur235

    I’m searching for the same song as Scott, “and the song when he’s runing out with noelle to the roof :O ?” at 1h23… I think I tried every song written in the end credits :(

  21. LordLoss


    The Middle East – Blood

  22. Bluca

    I’m pretty sure that the song you’re looking for while they are running to the roof is “Blood” by The Middle East… it kicks in with the “Oooh” at the end of the song… Go the Aussie band!

  23. disquedur235

    My bad! And yet I had listened parts of this song before asking… Thanks!

  24. sj

    There’s a sitar playing in the background when the boy is talking about his happy days as a child. Does someone know which song is that ?

  25. Ned Vizzini

    sj that song is Pharoah Sanders “Soledad”

  26. sj

    Sweet. Thanks a lot !

  27. Kate

    And what song plays when he looks at a picture that Noel threw at him when he said he loved Nia?

  28. Ned

    Kate that is Maxence Cyrin “Where Is My Mind” – a Pixies ccover

  29. Friedrich

    Breh, Fred Ontario, and this website, thanks for the info about the song, “Intro” by The XX. I liked it in the 2nd Brain Map scene of the movie but this nice music is missing from the soundtrack. Thanks again.

  30. demcie

    yo wheres “its alright” thats a classic sabbath song and they left it out!

  31. sabrina

    What’s the name of the song that was at the end scene where he was riding his bike and it was kinda like jazz in the begining but then it changed and was hip-hop?

  32. Ned Vizzini

    sabrina that is Common “Be”

  33. Soulitarian

    You forgot Lumiere by Blue Scholars. I forgot which scene was it.

  34. caitlin

    the song is by the xx it’s called intro. the band is really amazing!

  35. Bryan

    What is the song playing in the DVD start up menu?

  36. Alex

    What’s the song that plays when Craig and noelle “race” each other to arts and crafts right after they play the question game? Sounds a little like The XX

  37. Hinal

    Does anyone know the song where he’s talking about schools for the very first time, and his parent’s school is some instrumental thing, but when he starts talking about his school the song changes. Anyone know anything?

  38. John

    In the middle of the movie when he was drawing the mind map, what was the name of that track? … sounded like a guitar playing….

  39. Soulitarian

    @John After I watched it again, the song I said was actually the song playing during that 1st mind map. It’s Lumiere by Blue Scholars.

  40. Ale

    You forgot Intro by The XX.

  41. Rohan

    Whats the song in the musical exploration

  42. jaapii

    there is also ‘intro’ – song by the xx, in the soundtrack, by the way

  43. Deidra

    @ Yeah
    did you ever find that hip hop song playing in the background???

  44. thanks

    Thanks for telling me the name of the song at the end! Common – Be. Great.

  45. Sassinak

    This movie had such great music. Like Cold Heat by Lil Lavair and the Fabulous Jades at the start of the pizza party. I’m wondering who did the Egyptian song at the end of the pizza party when they get the roommate to come out.

  46. Leo Martins

    @Deidra @Yeah

    that song from his friend’s party is “The Breaks” by Kurtis Blow.

  47. felix


    about half way through the movie, during the scene where he draws the first mind map. i have heard that tune before it from the song ‘See me Now’ by Spit Syndicate – this is the Hip Hop song i think you are after – but what im wondering is if that tune is Spit Syndicates original, or if it’s a cover.

  48. esmik

    please please please! Does anyone know the name of the song when Craig and Noelle are playing the guestion game, and they are running to the art class?? please I´m looking for this a long time :)

  49. Graeme

    What is the song featured when Craig and Noelle are playing the guestion game? Google aint helping:(

  50. DYAMG

    The song in the scene with the question game is Icarus by White Hinterland.

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