Resident Evil 4 Afterlife

Here’s the track list of the soundtrack of the Resident Evil 4 Afterlife, the latest Resident Evil movie starring Milla Jovovich:

Resident Evil 4 Afterlife Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music composed by TomAndAndy
1. Tokyo
2. Umbrella
3. Damage
4. Cutting
5. Twins
6. Exit
7. Far
8. Flying
9. Memory
10. Los Angeles
11. Binoculars
12. Prison
13. Discovery
14. Hatchet
15. Axe Man
16. Arcadia
17. Up
18. Party
19. Promise
20. Resident Evil Suite
Resident Evil 4 Afterlife Song - Resident Evil 4 Afterlife Music - Resident Evil 4 Afterlife Soundtrack

Let’s listen to the songs of the soundtrack of Resident Evil 4 Afterlife below:

Tomandandy – “Corridor”

A few words from the duo TomAndAndy about the soundtrack of Resident Evil 4 Afterlife:

“Our mission for the RESIDENT EVIL AFTERLIFE score was to reinvent the sound of the RESIDENT EVIL saga. At every turn, director Paul W. S. Anderson encouraged us to avoid cliché. He encouraged us to explore the edges of noise and modern sound synthesis. This was an amazing gift.”


To better appreciate the soundtrack of Resident Evil 4 turn the volume up!

6 Responses - “Resident Evil 4 Afterlife”

  1. :D

    And what about the last song, the one that sounds in the credits ??

  2. Sylvia

    Yeah there’s one song that plays in the credits i been looking for it eveywhere can you pls tell me the name of it if anyone knows???

  3. Bobby

    The song in the credits is “The Outsider”by A Perfect Circle.

  4. itsCoverboy

    The song that plays in the credits, “The Outsider” by A Perfect Cirlce is so friggin hot!

  5. Dr Doom

    The outsider by a perfect circle

  6. Annonymus

    i like ” The Axe Man ” :) sadly – it’s so short :((

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