The Trust

Here’s the official track list of the soundtrack of The Trust, the upcoming crime thriller movie directed by Alex Brewer and Benjamin Brewer based on a script by Adam Hirsch and Benjamin Brewer and starring Nicolas Cage, Elijah Wood, Jerry Lewis, Kevin Weisman, Steven Williams and Sky Ferreira:

The Trust Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by Reza Safinia.
1. The Trust Theme
2. The Train
3. Stone Stakeout
4. Plan Check
5. Bakery (feat. Darian Zahedi)
6. Getaway Car
7. Kill Time
8. City Lights
9. You Haven’t Had A Lot Of Coffee Today
10. I Have An Idea
11. Cracking The Vault
12. Inside The Vault
13. Interrogation
14. Waters’ Remorse
15. Hey Dave
16. MDB Electricians
17. Bobo
The Trust Song - The Trust Music - The Trust Soundtrack - The Trust Score

Here’s a preview of the soundtrack thanks to Lakeshore Records:

The Trust – Reza Safinia – Soundtrack Preview (Official Video)

Plot Synopsis:
A crime action thriller about two evil cops (Nicolas Cage and Elijah Wood) who discover a strangely hidden safe guarded by a gang, filled with mysterious con- tents. Little do they know that their lust for the contents will thrust them into a deadly well of corruption leaving them fighting for their lives and unsure of who to trust.

The movie soundtrack of The Trust will be released on May 6, 2016 by Lakeshore Records.

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