Soul Surfer

Here’s the track list of the soundtrack of Soul Surfer, the upcoming sports drama movie starring AnnaSophia Robb and based on the inspiring true story of Bethany Hamilton:

Soul Surfer Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
1. The Sound Of Sunshine – Michael Franti & Spearhead
2. This Is The Life -Two Door Cinema Club
3. Like A Star – Britt Nicole
4. Ho’oheno Keia No Beauty (The Beauty Hula) – James “Bla” Pahinui
5. Runaway – Mat Kearney
6. Go-Go Godzilla – Brian Setzer
7. It’s Your Life – Francesca Battistelli
8. The Unknown – Athlete
9. Set The World On Fire – Britt Nicole
10. Firework – Chris Sligh
Soul Surfer Song - Soul Surfer Music - Soul Surfer Soundtrack

The movie soundtrack of Soul Surfer will be released on April 5, 2011.

You may listen below to the songs of the Soul Surfer soundtrack:

And a few official music videos available on youtube:

Soul Surfer – “Go-Go Godzilla” by Brian Setzer

Soul Surfer – “It’s Your Life” by Francesca Battistelli

Soul Surfer – “Set The World On Fire” by Britt Nicole


13 Responses - “Soul Surfer”

  1. K

    I love this soudtrack! especially the Britt Nicole !

  2. Tricia

    I just watched this movie last night and I was very pleasantly surprised. The soundtrack was top notch.

  3. Green

    Wew.. i love this song & movie are too good to be true! :)

  4. Hoots

    This movie was surprisingly emotive and the soundtrack is lovely :)

  5. Sara

    one of the best movies ever, very inspirational..cried for like an hour!

  6. Mary

    My favorite movie! God is so good! <3

  7. Kylie

    The movie was absolutely amazing! I just watched it and would gladly watch it again! I loves the songs they chose so had to get a list! Probably one of the best movies I’ve ever seen!

  8. aina

    this movie really rocks, Bethany’s quote: ” I don’t need easy. I just need possible” is, for me, its best part. God Bless all of you !

  9. Marichen

    This was a realy great movie, the sountrack was a great compliment too it aswell. Truly inspiring! Every one needs to know there’s always Hope :) and that if you perserveer you wil succeed.

  10. Ariadnee

    just love this movie! the soundtrack was excellent!

  11. John

    I noticed there is one song that they didnt give in this websiteu. the song, “Underdog by Kasabian”. it was played in the first competition after the shark attack. I searched this song everywhere, I dont know why this song isn’t in the sound track but it is in the movie.

  12. zel

    I love this movie! it inspired me so much.! oh! GOD is so good all the time…everything has its purpose…God bless…

  13. anonymous

    love soul sufer ! fave song is its your life by francesca battistelli

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