Sorcerer’s Apprentice

Here’s the track list of the soundtrack of the Sorcerer’s Apprentice, the upcoming fantasy movie directed by Jon Turteltaub and starring Nicolas Cage and Jay Baruchel. The music of the Sorcerer’s Apprentice is composed by Trevor Rabin:

Sorcerer’s Apprentice Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music composed by Trevor Rabin
01. Sorcerer’s Apprentice
02. Story of the Prime Merlinian
03. Note Chase
04. Dave Revives Balthazar
05. Classroom
06. The Urn
07. The Grimhold
08. Morgana Fight
09. The Ring
10. Walk in the Rain
11. Merlin Circle
12. Dave Has Doubts
13. Becky and Dave on Rooftop
14. Car Chase
15. Seeing Veronica
16. Story of Veronica
17. Horvath Made Off With the Grimhold
18. Kiss from Becky
19. Bull Fight
20. Balthazar Saves Veronica
21. Sorcerer’s Apprentice Suite
22. Fantasia Original Demo
Sorcerer's Apprentice Song - Sorcerer's Apprentice Music - Sorcerer's Apprentice Soundtrack

You may listen to the soundtrack of the Sorcerer’s Apprentice below:

There’s also a Sorcerer’s Apprentice theme song by One Republic, it’s titled Secret. It’s not on the soundtrack but you may watch the music video below:

Sorcerer’s Apprentice – Secret by One Republic

After listening to the soundtrack of the Sorcerer’s Apprentice I feel like applying to become a sorcerer myself!

13 Responses - “Sorcerer’s Apprentice”

  1. paulyn

    I love the movie so much.. Just watch it last night, it was fun!

  2. utku

    i love the movie and the one republic’s song

  3. nick

    -really love the it was so amazing, it also jive with one republic’s song… awesome

  4. Mai

    I really love the movie!, especially its theme song..One republic can really make one hell of a song!..

  5. renee

    i so love cage. i so love the sorcerer’s apprentice. i so love the theme song! ugh. gonna watch the movie over and over again. ^^

  6. Topher

    one republic – secrets and the movie are absolutly amazing loved it. I’d watch it again anytime.

  7. JimAndersen

    I really enjoyed when Tesla coils were playing this melody in the movie.
    I’d go watch the movie one more time just to hear that.
    Awesome song, awesome movie, it’s just awesome :D

  8. ameerah baniaga

    i love the movie especially the soundtrack!!

  9. lulo

    the movie is great. and the songs too. especially the theme song played by one republic, but it’s name is Secrets not Secret. :D

  10. otoy

    will there be sorcerer’s apprentice 2? Because after the credits., it shows that horvath is alive..

  11. karen kay

    yeah i just seen the movie and it is so awesome I need to watch it one more time because i may have glanced away and not seen a few parts like how the tatoo dragon goes around and becomes real, BUT most of all is the part how he and the other man gets to spend years in the vase how they end in there?

    SECRETS with Tesla coils kinda romantic just be sure not to be electrocuted

  12. Michele Perez

    One of my favorite magical and powerful movies since the Craft!

  13. Smiles

    The movie and the soundtrack are just ahhhh jux wonderful and heart chilling

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