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Hard Target 2

Here’s the official track list of the soundtrack of Hard Target 2, the latest action thriller movie sequel starring Scott Adkins, Robert Knepper, Rhona Mitra, Ann Truong, Temuera Morrison, Adam Saunders, Jamie Timony, Peter Hardy, Sean Keenan, and Sahajak Boonthanakit:

Hard Target 2 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by Trevor Morris and Jack Wall.
1. Myanmar Chase
2. Jonny
3. Six Months Later
4. Fighting Man
5. Aldrich Theme / The Hunted
6. Myanmar
7. The Hunt Begins
8. Mr. Maduka
9. Fish in a Barrel
10. Trusted Steeds
11. Jacob
12. Wes and tha Escape
13. Tha and Wes
14. Tobias
15. A Good Hiding Place
16. What I’m Fighting For
17. Railroad Chase
18. Miss Sofia
19. Encampment
20. Wes Makes a Plan
21. Helicopter Boat Chase
22. Wes vs Aldrich
23. Death of Evil
24. Hard Target 2 Theme
Hard Target 2 Song - Hard Target 2 Music - Hard Target 2 Soundtrack - Hard Target 2 Score

Plot Synopsis:
Disgraced and retired mixed martial artist Wes ‘The Jailor’ Baylor (Scott Adkins) couldn’t refuse the million dollar purse offered to fight in Myanmar. When he arrives to fight, he learns he’s been tricked into becoming the target of a human hunt. Carrying only water and a ruby-filled money belt for the last person standing, Wes must outsmart the heavily armed group who’s paid to kill him. As Wes fights for his life in the treacherous jungle terrain, the hunters become the hunted. Hard Target 2 is a must see film for action and martial arts fans featuring Adkins in incredible fight scenes.

The movie soundtrack of Hard Target 2 will be released on September 2, 2016 by Back Lot Music.

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London Has Fallen

Check out the official track list of the soundtrack of London Has Fallen, the upcoming action thriller movie sequel directed by Babak Najafi and starring Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart, Morgan Freeman, Angela Bassett, Charlotte Riley, Melissa Leo, Jackie Earle Haley, Robert Forster, Radha Mitchell, Colin Salmon, and Sean O’Bryan:

London Has Fallen Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by Trevor Morris.
1. London Has Fallen (1:59)
2. Spotting Barkawi (2:26)
3. Bourbon and Poor Choices (1:19)
4. Nursery (0:50)
5. Scotland Yard (0:58)
6. President Arrives in the UK (0:51)
7. Motorcade / Marine One Lands (1:46)
8. London Attacked (4:55)
9. London Goes Dark (1:50)
10. Marine One Crash (3:22)
11. Jacobs’ Death (1:43)
12. Not Much of a Talker (1:58)
13. How Bad Is It? (1:04)
14. I’m Not Going to Die on Youtube (0:50)
15. Don’t Jinx Me (4:06)
16. Right Under Our Noses (3:52)
17. Rescuing Asher (12:31)
18. Hand Fight and Hand Grenade (2:01)
19. Let’s Get Outta Here (1:42)
20. I Hate Funerals (1:19)
21. Traitor (2:13)
22. Reciprocity (1:46)
23. Resignation Letter (0:52)
24. End Titles / Credits (1:26)

London Has Fallen Song - London Has Fallen Music - London Has Fallen Soundtrack - London Has Fallen Score

Plot Synopsis:
A terrorist plot unfolds in London just as foreign dignitaries have gathered for the funeral of the British prime minister in this sequel to the 2013 film, Olympus Has Fallen. U.S. Secret service agent Mike Banning, (Gerald Butler), the President of the United States (Aaron Eckhardt) and MI-6 Agent (Charlotte Riley) must work together to stop the terrorists from the assassinating world leaders and the destroying the landmarks in the city.

The movie soundtrack of London Has Fallen will be released on February 15, 2016 by Back Lot Music.


The track list of the soundtrack of Immortals, the upcoming action fantasy movie directed by Tarsem Singh, has been revealed by Relativity Music Group:

Immortals Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by Trevor Morris.
1. Immortal and Divine
2. War in the Heavens
3. Hyperion’s Siren
4. Witness Hell
5. To Mt. Olympus
6. Enter the Oracles
7. Theseus and Phaedra
8. Poseidon’s Leap
9. This is your Calling
10. Theseus Fight the Minotaur
11. Theseus Fires the Bow
12. My Own Heart
13. Zeus’ Punishment
14. Ride to the Gates
15. In War Fathers Bury Their Sons
16. The Gods Chose Well
17. Fight So Your Name Survives
18. Battle in the Tunnel
19. Immortal Combat
20. Do Not Forsake Mankind
21. Apotheosis
22. Sky Fight / End Credits
Immortals Song - Immortals Music - Immortals Soundtrack

The mythic movie soundtrack of Immortals will be released on November 8, 2011.

‘Immortals’ – Creating the Score
IAR is proud to present an exclusive featurette about creating the score for the new film ‘Immortals,’ which opens in theaters everywhere on November 11th.

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