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Take a look to the official track list of the soundtrack of Zootopia, the upcoming CG adventure animated movie directed by Byron Howard, Rich Moore, and Jared Bush for Disney:

Zootopia Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Composed by Michael Giacchino.
1. Try Everything – Shakira
2. Stage Fright
3. Grey’s Uh-Mad At Me
4. Ticket To Write
5. Foxy Fakeout
6. Jumbo Pop Hustle
7. Walk And Stalk
8. Not A Real Cop
9. Hopps Goes (After) The Weasel
10. The Naturalist
11. Work Slowly And Carry A Big Shtick
12. Mr. Big
13. Case Of The Manchas
14. The Nick Of Time
15. World’s Worst Animal Shelter
16. Some Of My Best Friends Are Predators
17. A Bunny Can Go Savage
18. Weasel Shakedown
19. Ramifications
20. Ewe Fell For It
21. Three-Toe Bandito
22. Suite From Zootopia

Zootopia Song - Zootopia Music - Zootopia Soundtrack - Zootopia Score

Here’s the music video of the theme song by Shakira:

Zootopia – Theme song – “Try Everyhting” by Shakira

The full song is also available in audio only thanks to VEVO:

Shakira – Try Everything (From “Zootopia” (Audio Only))

Plot Synopsis:
In the animal city of Zootopia, a fast-talking fox who’s trying to make it big goes on the run when he’s framed for a crime he didn’t commit. Zootopia’s top cop, a self-righteous rabbit, is hot on his tail, but when both become targets of a conspiracy, they’re forced to team up and discover even natural enemies can become best friends.

The movie soundtrack of Zootopia will be released on March 4, 2016.

Additional songs featured in the film:
1. Parlez-Vous Rap – BloodPop
2. Can’t Do Nuthin’ Right – Madisen Ward
3. One More Time – Barrie Gledden, Peter Shand
4. Carrot Days,” “Give Me A Try” & “A Wonderful Show – Andrea Datzman
5. Everybody Hurts – R E M
6. All By Myself – Eric Carmen
7. I, Loser – Winston Marshall

Smurfs 2

Here’s the official track list of the soundtrack of The Smurfs 2, the upcoming animated movie directed by Raja Gosnell for Sony Pictures Animation:

The Smurfs 2 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Various Artists.
1. Ooh La La – Britney Spears
2. Vacation – G.R.L.
3. Magik 2.0 – Becky G (featuring Austin Mahone)
4. Live It Up – Owl City
5. Everything Breaks – Sophia Black
6. Forget You – Cady Groves
7. Hey Chica – Kiana Brown
8. High Life – Nelly Furtado (featuring Ace Primo)
9. Tutti Frutti – Buckwheat Zydeco
10. I’ m Too Smurfy – Right Said Fred
The Smurfs 2 Song - The Smurfs 2 Music - The Smurfs 2 Soundtrack - The Smurfs 2 Score

The movie soundtrack of The Smurfs 2 will be released on July 23, 2013. Available via Amazon –> "The Smurfs 2" Music From and Inspired by

Plot Synopsis:
“The Smurfs team up with their human friends to rescue Smurfette, who has been kidnapped by Gargamel since she knows a secret spell that can turn the evil sorcerer’s newest creation – creatures called the Naughties – into real Smurfs.”



Thanks to VEVO and Sony Pictures, a few previews of the songs of The Smurfs 2 soundtrack: Continue reading »

Wreck-It Ralph

The official track list of the soundtrack of Wreck-It Ralph, the upcoming 3D CG animated movie directed by Rich Moore for Walt Disney Animation, has been revealed:

Wreck-It Ralph Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Composed by Henry Jackman.
1. When Can I See You Again? – Owl City
2. Wreck-It, Wreck-It Ralph – Buckner & Garcia
3. Celebration – Kool & The Gang
4. Sugar Rush – AKB48
5. Bug Hunt (Noisa Remix) – Skrillex
6. Shut Up and Drive – Rihanna
7. Wreck-It Ralph
8. Life in the Arcade
9. Jumping Ship
10. Rocket Fiasco
11. Vanellope Von Schweetz
12. Royal Raceway
13. Cupcake Breakout
14. Candy Vandals
15. Turbo Flashback
16. Laffy Taffies
17. One Minute to Win It
18. Vanellope’s Hideout
19. Messing with the Program
20. King Candy
21. Broken-Karted
22. Out of the Penthouse, Off to the Race
23. Sugar Rush Showdown
24. You’re My Hero
25. Arcade Finale
Wreck-It Ralph Song - Wreck-It Ralph Music - Wreck-It Ralph Soundtrack - Wreck-It Ralph Score

Here’s the music video fo the theme song of Wreck-It Ralph:

Wreck-It Ralph – The song “When Can I See You Again?” performed by Owl City

And samples of the songs of the full soundtrack below: Continue reading »

Legend of the Guardians

Legend of the Guardians, Zack Snyder’s movie adaptation of The Owls Of Ga’hoole is now in theaters, so let’s check the track list of the soundtrack of Legend of the Guardians:

Legend of the Guardians Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
1. To The Sky – Owl City
2. Flight Home (The Guardian Theme) – David Hirschfelder
3. Taken To St Aggeles – David Hirschfelder
4. Welcome To The Pellatorium – David Hirschfelder
5. A Long Way To The Guardians – David Hirschfelder
6. You Know We’re Flying – David Hirschfelder
7. A Friend Or Two – David Hirschfelder
8. The Boy Was Right – David Hirschfelder
9. Sharpen The Battle Claws – David Hirschfelder
10. Follow The Whale’s Fin – David Hirschfelder
11. Into Battle – David Hirschfelder
12. Hello Brother – David Hirschfelder
13. My Soldiers My Sons – David Hirschfelder
14. More Baggy Wrinkles – David Hirschfelder
Legend of the Guardians Song - Legend of the Guardians Music - Legend of the Guardians Soundtrack

You may listen below to the songs of the soundtrack of Legend of the Guardians:

And you may enjoy below the music video of the theme song of Legend of the Guardians:

Legend of the Guardians Theme Song – “To The Sky” by Owl City

The soundtrack of Legend of the Guardians is as magic as the film!