Legend of the Guardians

Legend of the Guardians, Zack Snyder’s movie adaptation of The Owls Of Ga’hoole is now in theaters, so let’s check the track list of the soundtrack of Legend of the Guardians:

Legend of the Guardians Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
1. To The Sky – Owl City
2. Flight Home (The Guardian Theme) – David Hirschfelder
3. Taken To St Aggeles – David Hirschfelder
4. Welcome To The Pellatorium – David Hirschfelder
5. A Long Way To The Guardians – David Hirschfelder
6. You Know We’re Flying – David Hirschfelder
7. A Friend Or Two – David Hirschfelder
8. The Boy Was Right – David Hirschfelder
9. Sharpen The Battle Claws – David Hirschfelder
10. Follow The Whale’s Fin – David Hirschfelder
11. Into Battle – David Hirschfelder
12. Hello Brother – David Hirschfelder
13. My Soldiers My Sons – David Hirschfelder
14. More Baggy Wrinkles – David Hirschfelder
Legend of the Guardians Song - Legend of the Guardians Music - Legend of the Guardians Soundtrack

You may listen below to the songs of the soundtrack of Legend of the Guardians:

And you may enjoy below the music video of the theme song of Legend of the Guardians:

Legend of the Guardians Theme Song – “To The Sky” by Owl City

The soundtrack of Legend of the Guardians is as magic as the film!

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  1. killerman

    the to the sky is beautiful song

  2. sami

    is it owl city that aings all of the songs though or is it that David Hirschfelder that sings them aswel as composing them?

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