Frederik Wiedmann


Check out the official track list of the soundtrack of Hangman, the latest crime thriller movie directed by Johnny Martin and starring Al Pacino, Karl Urban, Sarah Shahi, Brittany Snow, and Joe Anderson:

Hangman Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music composed by Frederik Wiedmann.
1. The Hangman (1:49)
2. The First Victim (3:55)
3. Only Blood Left Behind (2:44)
4. Joey (2:37)
5. Suicide Attempt (1:00)
6. Underneath the Cross (1:42)
7. An Old Case (3:07)
8. 11 PM Murder (2:40)
9. Slaughterhouse (3:05)
10. The Letter V (2:40)
11. The Replica (2:53)
12. No Rest (4:10)
13. Inches Away (2:20)
14. Seven More People (1:34)
15. My Own Reasons (2:42)
16. The Girl in the Alley (1:54)
17. The Apartment (3:31)
18. One Scar Is Not Enough (5:13)
19. I Failed You (4:51)
20. Archer (3:47)
21. The Letter (0:35)
Hangman Song - Hangman Music - Hangman Soundtrack - Hangman Score

Plot Synopsis:
Decorated homicide detective Ray Archer (Al Pacino) and his partner, criminal profiler Will Ruiney, (Karl Urban) are tasked to catch one of the city’s notoriously vicious serial killers who is playing a twisted version of murder using the child’s game… HANGMAN, while crime journalist Christi Davies (Brittany Snow) reports on the crime spree, shadowing the detectives.

The movie soundtrack of Hangman will be released on January 26, 2018 by Varese Sarabande.

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Justice League Throne of Atlantis

Check out the official track list of the soundtrack of Justice League Throne of Atlantis, the latest superhero animated movie directed by Jay Oliva and Ethan Spaulding for DC Comics Entertainment:

Justice League Throne of Atlantis Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Composed by Frederik Wiedmann.
1. Main Title
2. Athens Affair
3. Water
4. Cyborg in the Deep
5. Scarecrow
6. Cyborg Reveals
7. One of Both Worlds
8. A Memory of the Past
9. No Mercy
10. Peace
11. The Truth
12. The Calling
13. Royal Murder
14. Reunited
15. The Dark Trenches
16. Metropolis
17. Wave of Soilders
18. Justice League
19. Few Against Many
20. Brothers
21. Becoming a Beacon
22. Aquaman

Justice League Throne of Atlantis Song - Justice League Throne of Atlantis Music - Justice League Throne of Atlantis Soundtrack - Justice League Throne of Atlantis Score

Plot Synopsis:
As Orm and Black Manta make their move against the surface world after the battle with Apokolips forces in Justice League War had deadly consequences for Atlantis, the queen of the lost underwater civilization searches for her other son, Orm’s half brother Arthur. Living on the surface world with powers he doesn’t understand, Arthur Curry steps into his destiny as Aquaman, teaming with the Justice League to save and unite all people of the world.

The movie soundtrack of Justice League Throne of Atlantis is already available for download on iTunes.

The Damned

Here’s the official track list of the soundtrack of The Damned, the upcoming horror movie directed by Victor Garcia and starring Peter Facinelli, Sophia Myles, Nathalia Ramos, and Sebastian Martinez:

The Damned Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by Frederik Wiedmann.
1. The Secret
2. The Damned Main Title
3. Crash and Refuge
4. Gallows Hill
5. Exodus
6. Alone
7. We’re Gonna Be Okay
8. Childs Play
9. Under Your Skin
10. Finding Ana Maria
11. No Getting Out
12. Your Boss Is Handsome
13. David
14. Trapped
15. Ramon’s Destiny
16. From Body to Body
17. Lauren Is Free
18. Searching the Basement
19. In the Past
20. Cut
21. Locked
22. It All Began with a Secret

The Damned Song - The Damned Music - The Damned Soundtrack - The Damned Score

A preview of the soundtrack:

The Damned Soundtrack – Frederik Wiedmann – Official Album Preview
Lakeshore Records presents The Damned (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), music by Frederik Wiedmann.

Plot Synopsis:
A widower takes his children on a trip to their mother’s Colombian hometown. En route, the family are involved in an accident and take refuge in a secluded inn, where they free a girl locked in a basement and set in motion a terrifying sequence of events.

The movie soundtrack of The Damned will be released on August 19, 2014 by Lakeshore Records.