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We’ve got our hands on the official track list of the soundtrack of Sinister, the upcoming horror movie starring Ethan Hawke:

Sinister Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music composed by Christopher Young.
1. Portrait Of Mr. Boogie
2. Never Go In Dad’s Office
3. Levantation
4. The Horror In The Canisters
5. My Sick Piano
6. Rot Not, Want Not
7. Don’t Worry Daddy, I’ll Make You Famous Again
8. Millimeter Music
9. Pollock Type Pain
10. The Eater Of Children
11. Sinister
12. Sin Sister Sweet (Suite from the Sinister film score)
13. Sinister Remix (The Rite Of Left)
Sinister Song - Sinister Music - Sinister Soundtrack - Sinister Score

Composer Christopher Young β€” veteran of such horror classics as The Grudge, Ghost Rider and Hellraiser β€” adds an epic opus to his long list of terrifying classics.

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The Tall Man

Here below the official track list of the soundtrack of The Tall Man, the horror movie written and directed by Pascal Laugier and starring Jessica Biel:

The Tall Man Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by Todd Bryanton, Joel Douek and Christopher Young
1. Opening
2. Julia Chases the Tall Man
3. The Tall Man Reveals
4. The Dog Attack
5. The Truck
6. In the Forest
7. Looking for David
8. Flashbacks
9. We Got Too Comfortable
10. There Is No Tall Man
11. Miss Johnson
12. Running Away
13. A New Life
14. Playing the Castle
15. End Credits
16. Hmm Lose’n Everythang
17. Tall Man Lullaby
18. Dead?
19. Where Are They Now?
20. The Invisible Children
21. Silent Blessing
22. Tall Man
The Tall Man Song - The Tall Man Music - The Tall Man Soundtrack - The Tall Man Score

You may enjoy below samples of the songs of the Tall Man soundtrack:

The movie soundtrack of The Tall Man is available on itunes and Amazon.

Rum Diary

You may check below the track list of the soundtrack of The Rum Diary, the upcoming movie adaptation of Hunter S. Thompson’s novel that’s starring Johnny Depp:

The Rum Diary Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by Christopher Young.
1. Volare (Nel Blu Di Pinto Di Blu) – Dean Martin
2. Rum Diary – Christopher Young
3. Suckfish and Snake – Christopher Young
4. Mother of Balls – Christopher Young
5. Chenault – Christopher Young
6. Flagged Me Smiling – Christopher Young
7. Pink Jelly Remains – Christopher Young
8. Rockin’ on Rooster (With My Dead Monkey’s Mother) – Christopher Young
9. Sweat Bee – Christopher Young
10. Cock-Of-The-Rock – Christopher Young
11. Black Note Blues – Christopher Young
12. My Car the Cockroach – Christopher Young
13. Neon Popsicles – Christopher Young
14. Hefti-Tefti – Christopher Young
15. He Must Be a Sadist – Christopher Young
16. Puerto Rican Piss-Off – Christopher Young
17. Whacking a Salesman – Christopher Young
18. The Biggest Crook in New Jersey – Christopher Young
19. Desperate Drunks and Postcard Loons – Christopher Young
20. The Mermaid Song (Instrumental) – Johnny Depp
21. What About El Monstruo? – JD Band
22. Roll Out the Roosters – JD Band
23. Kemp in the Village – Johnny Depp and JJ Holiday
24. The Mermaid Song – Patti Smith
The Rum Diary Song - The Rum Diary Music - The Rum Diary Soundtrack

The movie soundtrack of The Rum Diary will be released on November 29, 2011.

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You may check below the track list of the soundtrack of Priest, the post-apocalyptic vampire movie directed by Scott Charles Stewart and starring Paul Bettany, Cam Gigandet, Maggie Q, Karl Urban, Lily Collins, Stephen Moyer and Christopher Plummer:

Priest Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by Christopher Young
1. Priest (3:26)
2. Eclipsed Heart (3:34)
3. I Have Sinned (5:07)
4. Blood Framed Hell (3:52)
5. Sacrosanct Delirium (7:44)
6. Never One for Love (2:38)
7. Faith, Work, Security (2:14)
8. The Vampire Train (7:00)
9. Fanfare for a Resurrected Priestess (2:39)
10. Cathedral City Blue (6:44)
11. Detuned Towne (2:33)
12. A World Without End (7:38)
Priest Song - Priest Music - Priest Soundtrack

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