Real Steel

We’ve got our hands on the track list of the soundtrack of Real Steel, the upcoming sci-fi robot-boxing movie directed by Shawn Levy and starring Hugh Jackman:

Real Steel Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Various artists.
1. Fastlane – Bad Meets Evil (Edited)
2. Here’s A Little Something For Ya – Beastie Boys (Edited)
3. Miss The Misery – Foo Fighters
4. The Enforcer – 50 Cent (Unreleased)
5. Make Some Noise – The Crystal Method Featuring Yelawolf
6. Till I Collapse – Eminem (Edited)
7. One Man Army – Prodigy & Tom Morello
8. Give It A Go – Timbaland Featuring Veronica
9. The Midas Touch – Tom Morello
10. Why Try – Limp Bizkit (Edited)
11. Torture – Rival Sons
12. All My Days – Alexi Murdoch
13. Kenton – Danny Elfman
Real Steel Song - Real Steel Music - Real Steel Soundtrack

The movie soundtrack of Real Steel will be released on October 4, 2011.

A few official music videos are available on youtube:

Real Steel – “Fastlane” by Bad Meets Evil

Real Steel – “Here’s A Little Something For Ya” by Beastie Boys

Miss The Misery – Foo Fighters

Torture – Rival Sons

All My Days – Alexi Murdoch

What’s your favorite song from the Real Steel soundtrack?

Update – Here’s the track listing of the movie score:

Real Steel Original Motion Picture Score
Music by Danny Elfman.
1. Charlie Trains Atom
2. On The Move
3. Into The Zoo
4. Why We’re Here (feat. vocal by Poe)
5. Meet Atom
6. It’s Your Choice
7. Safe With Me
8. Atom Versus Twin Cities
9. … For A Kiss
10. Get In The Truck
11. Bonding
12. Twin Cities’ Intro
13. Parkway Motel (feat. vocal by Poe)
14. This Is A Brawl
15. You Deserve Better
16. Into The Ring
17. Taking A Beating
18. Final Round
19. People’s Champion
Real Steel Movie Score


41 Responses - “Real Steel”

  1. Mikey

    I saw the premiere yesterday. Awesome movie, but I also remember hearing the beginning of the song Nine Thou by Styles of Beyond at the zoo fight scene.

  2. Grant

    It was actually a song by Jonsi, from Sigur Ros!

  3. Jessica

    What is the song where max is dancing with atom at the hotel?

  4. akshay

    i was wondering if the guitar music which plays when hugh jackman is driving on the highway is a song?coz the tune was nice

  5. Soledad

    As Jessica, I am interested in knowing, what is the song where max is dancing with atom at the hotel, and appears too, in the end of the movie…….

  6. Poonit

    The song is “Give It A Go” sung by Timbaland, Ft.Veronica Gardner

  7. acWall

    uhh What happened to Wings of Icarus by celldweller? It was on one commercial.

  8. Shadheart

    There is still a song missing, “Nine Thou” the battle theme at the Zoo

  9. Priyanka

    Which is the song that plays during the credits at the end of the movie?

  10. Brad

    What was the song where Max was talking to Charlie about putting Atom in shadow mode and when Charlie was waiting Zeus out and when he ran out of energy and Atom landed a really good hit. What was that song?

  11. franz

    The song in the final round – AWESOME.

  12. rodkes

    What is the name of the song that plays during the opening credits sequence?

  13. Jessica

    @ everyone. Thank you for helping me :)

  14. Raj

    What is the song when they are being handed all the cash?? After those “nobody”fights

  15. Haze

    What is the song at the opening credits? Love that one!

  16. Santhip

    I think its all my days … The youtube link is above …

  17. cometed

    hey can anyone tell me the song that played at the opening sceen its a really nice guitar fingerpicking tune and im pretty sure it isnt listed.

  18. Shiro Spyro

    I nearly danced in the cinema. The songs are pretty cool!

  19. Neisha

    Is it really Give it a go.. I Will buy this Album.. My girlfriend really want that song when max is dancing with Atom on the Parkway Motel, that is the first time Atom dance…

  20. Christina

    I liked the song at the beginning of the credits. Who knows what the name of that song is?

  21. JanW

    I found the opening song: All My Days, by Alexi Murdoch:

    Alexi Murdoch – All My Days (Live) (Official video shared by Orchard Music)

  22. Levi

    “This is the Sound” by Switchfoot was on the advert, where did it go??

  23. Narendra

    Background score was pretty awesome……and wat was da song which comes in trailer…..and entrance of atom in second last fight with 2 headed one is awesome.

  24. rsf-ashish

    hi friends, I found the end credits song: “Give It a Go” by Timbaland featuring Veronica

  25. Patr1k

    Looks like everybody forgets Crystal Method – Busy Child (1:15:00) ;)

  26. ryann

    i love this movie, its so cool! Especially the boy and atom dancing the song “Give it a go” by timbaland ft. veronica gardner

  27. johnfoe

    The song when Max is dancing with Atom or at the end of the movie is “Give It a Go” by Timbaland featuring Veronica Gardner.

  28. Finsken93

    What is the name of the song where Zeus girl want to buy atom in the luxury room and when atom and max is coming in before the fight with twin cities and cowboy fight till they get the WRB fight ?? ;) thanks for quick answers

  29. Confuse2012

    Anyone know here the song at the end or during the credits of the movie Reel Steel?

    Is it, Give it a go? All my days? or what? i am so confused.

    Please help.

  30. pimmpedoutpunk44

    it the “give it a go” by timbaland..wooh!.
    i really like the movie..ive watched it like 20 times a day..LOVE THE BRAWL MEN!

  31. pikodj

    get busy child – chrystal method i s missing
    bravo Patr1k

  32. Sid

    Hey guys, thanks for telling me which song it was that Max and Atom dance to at the hotel (Timbaland)

    But when I got to listen to the song, I found a major difference. The Background Score that is so well and beautifully played out in the Movie, turns into a lame and very inaudible backdrop in the original Song by Timba.
    I even tried the original instrumental, but even there, the awesome part is shadowed by his voice (which goes like “Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh….”)

    Does anyone know which version of the song is actually played in the movie?
    :) Thanks :)

  33. issam

    Anyone know here the song played on the ipod whene max is dancing in the garden with the robot

  34. mujtahid

    what’s the name of the song which starts in the movie when noise boy enters crash palace?

  35. koffeewithkiran

    can anyone tell me what’s the name of the song when hugh jackman takes his japanese make some money..

  36. Mighty

    Who knows the song when Atom and Max is dancing in the yard on the Motel? The music is nice …

  37. Sid

    The song is “Give It A Go” sung by Timbaland, Ft.Veronica Gardner

  38. viv.k

    “Give it a go” simply bharee…..!!!!

  39. Tamil

    I ve found all those songs except the one, which is playing when the announcement of zeus fight with atom. I thought it would be 50 cent’s. But isn’t. So if any one knows it…
    Let me do too…

  40. dheeraj

    Nice songs

  41. stephen

    Song at beginning of end credits is not timbaland can anyone tell me wno it is

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