Dolphin Tale

Here’s the track list of the soundtrack of Dolphin Tale, the upcoming family movie directed by Charles Martin Smith and inspired by the amazing true story of Winter the dolphin:

Dolphin Tale Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by Mark Isham.
1. Dolphin Dance
2. Gift From Kyle
3. Finding Winter
4. Aquarium
5. Rufus
6. I’m Hazel
7. Winter Swims
8. Never Calls
9. News About Kyle
10. Chumash Story
11. Sawyer And Winter
12. Putting On The Tail
13. The Coming Storm
14. The Little Girl
15. Clay Changes His Mind
16. Winter’s A News Story
17. Winter Tries Another Tail
18. The New Tail
19. Family Is Forever
20. Swim
21. Dolphin Tale End Credits
Dolphin Tale Song - Dolphin Tale Music - Dolphin Tale Soundtrack

The movie soundtrack of Dolphin Tale will be released on October 11, 2011.

A behind the scenes video:

Mark Isham – Scoring “Dolphin Tale” at the studios AIR in London


5 Responses - “Dolphin Tale”

  1. Jill B

    What is the song toward the end of Dolphin Tale that is playing while Sawyer is swimming with Winter?

  2. Lil

    The song is ‘Safe’ by Westlife :) x

  3. bonny

    wha is the song when morgan freeman first goes to dee the dolphin to fix his tale

  4. Carol

    Thanks Lil for the info on that song. I am surprised since it’s like the opening song to the credits that they didn’t include it on the soundtrack, but they didn’t. Thanks again!

  5. Jessica

    Does anyone have a complete list of songs (not the movie score) for the entirety of the movie? I keep googling it, but nothing’s coming up, only the movie score, and not the songs/artists. Thanks!

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