Drive Angry

The track list of the soundtrack of Drive Angry, the upcoming action thriller movie starring Nicolas Cage in the lead role, has been revealed by Lakeshore Records:

Drive Angry Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by Michael Wandmacher
1. Full Frontal Shotgun
2. Milton
3. The Accountant
4. Palomar Motel
5. The Iron Godkiller
6. Burning Memories
7. Checking Out The Hard Way
8. Piper Rides Shotgun
9. The Bridge
10. Good Little Follower
11. Let’s Go For A Ride
12. Eyes Wide
13. Revolutions Per Minute
14. I Never Get Curious
15. A Door That Can’t Be Closed
16. Road Raging
17. Webster
18. Milton’s Backstory
19. All You See
20. Mass vs. Acceleration
21. Chevelle
22. Walking Contradiction
23. Roadblock
24. G-Man
25. Redline
26. Say Thank You Or She Dies
27. Not Of This Earth
28. Grandaddy
29. I’ll Have That Beer
Drive Angry Song - Drive Angry Music -Drive Angry Soundtrack

The movie soundtrack of Drive Angry will be released on March 8, 2011.

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