We just found the cover and the track lists of the soundtrack and the score of Beastly, the upcoming romantic fantasy movie starring Alex Pettyfer and Vanessa Hudgens:

Beastly Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

1. Vanity – Hanover Swain
2. On The Radio – Regina Spektor
3. Garden of Exile – Toby Martin
4. Get Free – The Vines
5. Boys And Girls – Raney Shockne feat. Jessie Mann
6. Crashing – Gersey
7. Transatlanticism – Wenzel Templeton & Robert Pegg
8. Today Is The Day – Tim Myers
9. The Long Goodbye – Army Navy
10. Breathe in, Breathe Out – Mat Kearney
11. Heaven – Fire Theft
12. Broken Arrow – Raney Shockne feat. Jessie Mann
13. Be Mine – Kristina & the Dolls
Beastly Song - Beastly Music - Beastly Soundtrack

Here’s a preview of the official soundtrack of Beastly:

Beastly – Official Soundtrack Preview – REGINA SPEKTOR + VINES + KRISTINA & THE DOLLS

Beastly Movie Score
Music by Marcelo Zarvos
1. The Thinking Thing Killed
2. Lake House
3. Jujyfruits
4. The Poem
5. High School
6. It’s Always Been Me
7. Elephant Story
8. Building The Greenhouse
9. Drive To The Station
10. The Curse Part 1
11. Lindy’s Picture
12. The Kiss
13. Hunter Rescues Lindy
14. Food And Gifts
15. Lindy’s In Trouble
16. The Curse Part 2
17. Hunter And Zola Talk
18. Finale
Beastly Score

The movie soundtrack of Beastly will be released by Lakeshore Records on March 1, 2011.

Update – Lakeshore Records put this music video of the theme song of Beastly on youtube:

Beastly – Theme Song – Be mine by Kristina and The Dolls


28 Responses - “Beastly”

  1. kaya

    omy god i love beastly its soo awesome

  2. vanessafan15

    hey why isn’t vanessa’s new song on the soundtrack?

  3. Lindy Taylor

    beastly was a really good movie. it was romantic and sad and a little funny. it is actually better that the twilight saga!

  4. caitie

    so annoyed that broken arrow isnt on there from the trailer cause that is such a good song!!!!

  5. hart

    What is the name of Vanessa’s new song that was on the movie?
    And what is the name of the Broken Arrow song?

  6. Rachel

    which one is vanessa’s new song?

  7. Lara

    How is the song called that is played at the club after kyle was bewitched ?

  8. Mac

    What song is played when Kyle was upset thinking that Lindy doesn’t love him back and he doesn’t return her calls?

  9. asdf

    the movie was absolutely terrible, but great music though!

  10. Izzii

    That song that was playing after he was bewitched is take me to wonderland from Natalia Kills

  11. ronley03

    the movie was so nice! true love is truly seen on the inside no matter what he/she looks like on the outside. :D

  12. ronley03

    the title of the new song of Vannessa’s was “All Day and All Of the Night”. :)

  13. princesse

    thanks “lzzii” , i searched this song for a long time :) thanks one more time ;)

  14. Jenny:{D

    @Mac the song is called “Heaven” by “The Fire Theft”

  15. angiexx

    what song plays when kyle stalks lindy for the first time and follows her to the coffee shopp?

  16. jdkd417

    I think you’re talking about Transatlanticism – Death Cab for Cutie??

  17. lis_xx

    The movie wasn’t all that good. Book is a gazillion times better – if you haven’t read it, do so and you’ll see what I mean. This movie had potential. Songs are awesome though.

  18. Susan

    What’s the name of the song when they were taking picture together in the club ?

  19. Liz

    @ susan “On the radio” by “Regina Spector” :)

  20. Kattytah

    Hey the songs “boys and girls” and “broken arrow” are by pixie lott not by Raney Shockne feat. Jessie Mann

  21. Kmichelle

    The song that is playing right before and as Kyle is being cursed at the dance is “wonderland” by Natalia Kills

  22. Alex

    They did a typo but at least the music rocks!

  23. ayman

    for all who wants Broken Arrow search for (Pixie Lott – Broken Arrow)
    this is the same one in the movie :-)

  24. No way

    For 1 year Beastly inspired me……

  25. Kym

    what is the song that was played when he’s putting her to bed?

  26. ACari

    @Kym yea i was pondering the same. I cant seem to find that song at all!

  27. Takinchi

    @Kym. it’s Forever And A Day by Jem Grifiths

  28. victoria

    I love beastly movie. I think it so damn awesome

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