Check out the official track list of the soundtrack of Abattoir, the upcoming horror thriller movie directed by Darren Lynn Bousman and starring Jesse Lowndes, Joe Anderson, Lin Shaye, and Dayton Callie:

Abattoir Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by Mark Sayfritz.
1. Main Titles (2:31)
2. Crone’s Sermon (1:44)
3. This Way (1:32)
4. I’ve Seen Some Terrible Things (1:29)
5. Research Montage (3:33)
6. The Video Tape (1:48)
7. Renshaw’s Story, Visiting Prison (3:01)
8. Drive to New English (1:20)
9. The Town Records (2:03)
10. The Dustbowl Preacher (1:43)
11. Allie’s Breakdown (1:08)
12. Woods to Mother (1:08)
13. They Stole My Fucking Car (1:25)
14. I’ve Seen Some Terrible Things 2 (1:30)
15. Jebediah Crone’s Liturgy (3:10)
16. Get out of Town Now (1:42)
17. A Graveyard of Rooms (1:44)
18. Down the Levee (2:29)
19. Enter the Abattoir (5:53)
20. Ghosts Everywhere (5:13)
21. Through the Red Door (3:25)
22. Julia’s Death (3:11)
23. They Are Waiting for You (1:48)
Abattoir Song - Abattoir Music - Abattoir Soundtrack - Abattoir Score

Plot Synopsis:
After the death of her sister and nephew, real-estate investigative reporter Julia uncovers the sinister truth behind a series of gruesome murders where the entire killing rooms have been dismantled and pulled from their foundations. It seems a strange man has been buying up locations where such tragedies have occurred – but why? The answers lead Julia and tough cop Grady on a search into unimaginable horror.

The movie soundtrack of Abattoir was released by Filmtrax, it’s available on Amazon UK.

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