Here’s the track list of the soundtrack of Unstoppable, the latest thriller movie directed by Tony Scott and starring Denzel Washington, Chris Pine, and Rosario Dawson:

Unstoppable Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by Harry Gregson-Williams
1. Stanton, PA
2. Frank Barnes
3. Will’s Story
4. Ned
5. Dewey
6. Not a Coaster
7. Are You in or are You Out?
8. Realign the Switch
9. Galvin’s Strategy
10. Playing Chicken With Trains
11. Will Guides 1206
12. The Stanton Curve
13. Who Do I Kiss First?
Unstoppable Song - Unstoppable Music - Unstoppable Soundtrack

The soundtrack of Unstoppable is surprisingly serene for a movie about a runaway train that could blow up an entire city…

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  1. bob

    What is the instrumental riff that is played throughout the movie – it’s a slower version of a popular song that I can’t quite name

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