Total Recall

Let’s take a look to the track list of the soundtrack of Total Recall, the upcoming action science-fiction thriller movie directed by Len Wiseman and starring Colin Farrell, Jessica Biel and Kate Beckinsale:

Total Recall Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music composed by Harry Gregson-Williams.
1. The Dream
2. The Fall
3. Colony
4. The Tripping Den
5. Rekall
6. Rooftop Chase
7. Hand Call
8. The Vault
9. Customs
10. Car Chase Pt. 1
11. Car Chase Pt. 2
12. The Key
13. The Scar On Your Hand
14. Elevator Chase
15. Train To Matthias
16. Saving Melina
17. Gravity Reversing
18. Up Top Fight
19. The Fall Collapses
20. It’s Hard To Believe, Isn’t It?
Total Recall Song - Total Recall Music - Total Recall Soundtrack - Total Recall Score

The movie soundtrack of Total Recall will be released on July 31, 2012.

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