The Raven

Take a look to the track list of the soundtrack of The Raven, the upcoming thriller movie directed by James McTeigue and starring John Cusack:

The Raven Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

1. The Raven
2. Fields Arrives
3. The Pit and the Pendulum
4. Rush to the Theatre
5. Maddox Identifies the Body
6. Poe and Emily
7. Ladies’ Luncheon
8. Man in Red Hat
9. The Mystery of Marie Roget
10. The Entombment of Fortunato
11. Poe Talks of His Wife’s Death
12. Searching the Theatre
13. Police Briefing Emily Box
14. Poe and Hamilton on the Path
15. Edgar Chases the Killer
16. Going to the Editor
17. Where’s Emily?
18. Finding Emily
19. Searching the Churchyard
20. Poe on Bench
21. In the Hospital
22. Rakish Paddy (Bonus Track)
The Raven Song - The Raven Music - The Raven Soundtrack

You may listen to the songs of the score of The Raven below:

The movie soundtrack of The Raven will be released on April 2, 2012.

6 Responses - “The Raven”

  1. Gary

    Does anyone know if the song that plays at the end credits is one of these listed here? Or does anyone know the name of that song? Thanks !

  2. Jo

    Was wandering the same! end of credits song pl

  3. Gary

    Found it, Unkle “Burn my shadow”. Enjoy !

  4. Rudy Geneva

    Does anyone know how to get an mp3 for the classical piece entitled “Album for the young, OP.39, No. 9 Waltz” composed by Tchaikovsky but re-arranged for the The Raven movie by Lucas Vidal. It plays when Edgar Poe is dancing with Emily during the masked ball but is not on The Raven soundtrack. Thank you kindly! Rudy Geneva

  5. Gavin

    Sung by Ian astbury of The Cult

  6. Gregoloupe

    What music precedes the Tchaikovsky in the masque scene? Classical- Mozart, Haydn? I really want to know! Thank You

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