Testament of Youth

Take a look to the official track list of the soundtrack of Testament of Youth, the latest drama movie directed by James Kent and starring Alicia Vikander and Kit Harrington:

Testament of Youth Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by Max Richter.
1. No More Fear (1:05)
2. Prelude (1:54)
3. Love and Imagination (2:42)
4. Pools of Gold (1:42)
5. Never Did Run Smooth (1:40)
6. The Triumph of Time (1:27)
7. Each Others Minds (1:59)
8. The Rising of the Sun (2:37)
9. Anathemata (1:38)
10. Departed (1:27)
11. Action at a Distance (1:07)
12. Realities (1:08)
13. A Duet for Three (1:41)
14. These I Send to You (2:33)
15. Before the Ending of the Day (1:18)
16. The Chambers of the Heart (0:56)
17. Vergissmeinnicht (5:12)
18. Mantegna / Entropy (0:55)
19. Returning over the Nightmare Ground (2:53)
20. Et In Terra Pax (2:03)
21. I Will Not Forget You (3:55)

Testament of Youth Song - Testament of Youth Music - Testament of Youth Soundtrack - Testament of Youth Score

Here’s a preview of the soundtrack thanks to Milan Records:

Max Richter – I Will Not Forget You (Testament of Youth Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Max Richter – Love and Imagination (Testament of Youth Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Plot Synopsis:
The story of Vera Brittain (Alicia Vikander), who postponed her studies at Oxford University during World War I to serve as a Voluntary Aid Detachment nurse in London, Malta and France, and later became a writer and a pacifist.

The movie soundtrack of Testament of Youth is already available on Amazon UK.

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