Let’s take a look to the track list of the soundtrack of Tangled, the latest animated movie by Walt Disney:

Tangled Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
1. When Will My Life Begin – Mandy Moore
2. When Will My Life Begin (Reprise 1) – Mandy Moore
3. Mother Knows Best – Donna Murphy
4. When Will My Life Begin (Reprise 2) – Mandy Moore
5. I’ve Got A Dream – Mandy Moore
6. Mother Knows Best (Reprise) – Donna Murphy
7. I See The Light – Mandy Moore
8. Healing Incantation – Mandy Moore
9. Flynn Wanted – Alan Menken
10. Prologue – Donna Murphy
11. Horse With No Rider – Alan Menken
12. Escape Route – Alan Menken
13. Campfire – Alan Menken
14. Kingdom Dance – Alan Menken
15. Waiting For The Lights – Alan Menken
16. Return To Mother – Alan Menken
17. Realization And Escape – Alan Menken
18. The Tear Heals – Mandy Moore
19. Kingdom Celebration – Alan Menken
20. Something That I Want – Grace Potter
Tangled Song - Tangled Music - Tangled Soundtrack

You may listen to the songs of the soundtrack of Tangled below:

My favorite song from the soundtrack of Tangled is “I See The Light”. What’s yours?

Update – The Disney Animations Studios crew did a music video with Grace Potter, check it out if you want a behind the scenes tour of their studio:

Tangled – Something I Want by Grace Potter


16 Responses - “Tangled”

  1. Peter

    I see the ligh too…but it’s a great soundtrack, when will my life begin and mother knows best reprise are amazing songs…and the score?? my godness, could be any better?

    It’s really amazing, I can’t wait to see the picture

  2. Aaron

    I see the light also…it’s one of those ones that touches the heart and wants you to listen to it more

  3. Regina Lyn

    I love the song ~ I see the light, too. I really love the movie =)
    I watched & listened to the songs all and over again ;)
    I really love Rapunzel & Eugene :DD

  4. Aubrey

    I can’t count how many times my baby watch this movie everyday..she loves singing I See The Light. :)

  5. jessica

    i like i see the light too. My baby really like it too, everyday she’s watching this movie. Four times a day!

  6. koky

    fascinating movie

  7. joana

    i see the light was a very wonderful song

  8. Amyk

    wahh !
    Whenever i watch it it makes me feel good specially Eugene,he is so cute..but i don’t know where i could find the background music,which begin at the start of movie,when Eugene said,once there was a flower etc…

  9. yaya

    my grandkids love love love the movie, i love it too. i get lost in it.especaily the “i see the light ” song, im such a kid at heart and this movie and songs really bring it out!

  10. subrata

    it is a best animated movie … i saw it 5 times in 2 days … specially the song i see the light ….

  11. lemondenise

    Soo inlove with this movie. Got confused at first if it was taylor swift ir mandy moore. Good thing it was mandy :)

  12. bunnybunny

    I listen to music and do homework at the same time but end up playing on commputer

  13. ololade

    I see the light is a wonderful song…it brings out the emotion in me

  14. alexa

    I luv ‘something I want’ the most cos it makes me dance whenever I hear it.

  15. ololade

    it is the best animated movie have ever seen…especially the song I see the light…I listen to the song atleast five times a day

  16. Bicky

    What a flim this is !

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