Take Me Home Tonight

Here’s the track list of the soundtrack of Take Me Home Tonight, the upcoming comedy movie directed by Michael Dowse and starring Topher Grace, Anna Faris, Dan Fogler, Teresa Palmer:

Take Me Home Tonight Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Various Artists
  1. Video Killed The Radio Star РThe Buggles
  2. The Fredricking РMatt & Tori
  3. Hungry Like The Wolf РDuran Duran
  4. Situation РYaz
¬† 5.¬†That’s What I’m Talking About – Kyle
¬† 6.¬†Kickstart My Heart – M√∂tley Cr√ľe
¬† 7.¬†Barry’s Advice – Matt & Barry
  8. Straight Outta Compton [Explicit] РN.W.A.
  9. Bette Davis Eyes РKim Carnes
10. Meeting Trish Anderson РBarry
11. Safety Dance РMen Without Hats
12. Rocket Surgeon РWendy & Kyle
13. Come On Eileen РDexys Midnight Runners
14. Oh Sherrie РThat Loser That Always Shows Up At The Party With A Guitar
15. Everybody Have Fun Tonight РWang Chung
16. Let My Love Open The Door РPete Townshend
17. Can I Call You? РMatt & Tori
18. Live Is Life РOpus
19.¬†Don’t You Want Me – Atomic Tom
Take Me Home Tonight Song - Take Me Home Tonight Music - Take Me Home Tonight Soundtrack

You may listen to the songs of the soundtrack of Take Me Home Tonight below:

And here’s the music video of the theme song of Take Me Home Tonight:

Take Me Home Tonight – Theme Song – “Don’t You Want Me” by Atomic Tom

A few mores songs from the movie aren’t featured on the official soundtrack of Take Me Home Tonight, they’re listed below:

* The Fanatic – Felony
* Walking In L.A. – Missing Persons
* Der Kommissar – After The Fire
* Let’s Go All The Way – Sly Fox
* What You Need – INXS
* Jeopardy – Greg Kihn
* Warm Leatherette – Grace Jones
* Doot-Doot – Freur
* Modigliani (Lost In Your Eyes) – Book of Love
* Ship Of Fools – World Party
* Jet Fighter – The Three O’Clock
* Alrock’s Bells – Yo La Tengo

12 Responses - “Take Me Home Tonight”

  1. Kevin (Ket)

    Wow, the “Take Me Home Tonight” soundtrack missing its namesake song isn’t weird at all, right?

  2. Beth

    I am looking for the song that was the very last one playing at the end of the credits. I listened to all of the songs listed here….didn’t hear it! Thanks!!

  3. paul

    I too would like to know what the last song was……it was music only, no lyrics

  4. Russell

    The final song that played thru the credits at the end of the movie, Take Me Home Tonight, was:
    Alrock‚Äôs Bells ‚Äď Yo La Tengo

  5. temp

    i also want the last song, and no its not “Yo La Tengo”

  6. Chillah

    The last song is Opus – Life is Life. Another song not on the soundtrack but in the movie is Sly Fox – Lets Go All the Way.

  7. Ryan

    The last song played during the credits that was music only – is an instrumental version on the song… “Let My Love Open The Door” by Pete Townsend

  8. Marian RO/ES

    EDDIE MONEY FEAT. RONNIE SPECTOR – Take Me Home Tonight (1986) … is that what missing on O.S.T. List. ;-)

  9. Tom

    what is the name of the song called just before matt rides the ball, when the guy dressed in whole black trousers and shirt and hat, chickens out of riding it, sung by a girl?

  10. The dude

    Tom, the song your asking about is jet fighter by the three o’clock.

  11. Lili


    What is that song played when Matt tries to talk to Tory but the other guy interrupts? It is also played when Barry tries cocaine.


  12. Paula

    What is the music/song playing when Matt and Tori are kissing on the trampoline? Been looking everywhere for that. Thank you.

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