Mars Needs Moms

I stumbled upon the track list of the soundtrack of Mars Needs Moms, the upcoming science-fiction animated movie directed by Simon Wells for Disney:

Mars Needs Moms Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by John Powell
1. Mars Observers
2. Abduction/Trashworld
3. Enjoy the Ride
4. Mars Needs Moms
5. Gribble’s Plan
6. Milo Escapes
7. Gribble’s Loss
8. Firing Squad
9. To the Surface
10. The Sacrifice
11. Transformation
12. Family Reunion
13. Mars Needs Moms Credits Suite
14. Martian Mambo
Mars Needs Moms Song - Mars Needs Moms Music - Mars Needs Moms Soundtrack

And here’s the music video of “Stay Cool” the theme song of Mars Needs Moms:

Mars Needs Moms – Theme song – “Stay Cool”

You may listen to the songs of the soundtrack of Mars Needs Moms below:

The movie soundtrack of Mars Needs Moms will be released on March 8, 2011.

Other songs from the movie Mars Needs Moms that are not on the official soundtrack:

* Out of Limits – Los Straitjackets

2 Responses - “Mars Needs Moms”

  1. Mzono

    futuristic hero… make me remember my childhood dream… and this movie so perfect with smart touch animation technologie make it live… you must watch it !!!!

  2. Fran Thompson

    Why wasn’t a CD made for John Powell’s Mars Needs Moms soundtrack? I just watched the movie and loved it and also loved the music. I am a collector of original movie score soundtracks. This is the first time I’ve encounted not being able to find music on CD. I hope this isn’t going to be the next big thing because I still have a CD player and I love using CDs. I’m not a fan of MP3.

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