The Chemical Brothers


Here’s the track list of the soundtrack of Hanna, the upcoming action movie directed by Joe Wright and starring Saoirse Ronan, Eric Bana, and Cate Blanchett:

Hanna Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music composed by The Chemical Brothers
1. Hanna’s theme
2. escape 700
3. chalice 1
4. the devil is in the details
5. map sounds / chalice 2
6. the forest
7. quayside synthesis
8. the sandman
9. Marissa flashback
10. bahnhof rumble
11. the devil is in the beats
12. car chase (arp worship)
13. interrogation / lonesome subway / Grimm’s house
14. Hanna vs Marissa
15. sun collapse
16. special ops
17. escape wavefold
18. isolated howl
19. container park
20. Hanna’s theme (vocal version)
Hanna Song - Hanna Music - Hanna Soundtrack

The Chemical Brothers deliver 20 tracks that mirror the ever-changing moods and environments that Hanna (played by Saoirse Ronan) experiences in her dangerous journey as she is pursued across Europe. You may listen below to the song Container Park:

Hanna – Container Park by The Chemical Brothers

And the song “Hanna’s theme”:

Also here’s a clip from the film with the song Escape 700:

Hanna – Escape

The soundtrack of Hanna will be released on March 15, 2011.