Here’s the track list of the soundtrack of Hanna, the upcoming action movie directed by Joe Wright and starring Saoirse Ronan, Eric Bana, and Cate Blanchett:

Hanna Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music composed by The Chemical Brothers
1. Hanna’s theme
2. escape 700
3. chalice 1
4. the devil is in the details
5. map sounds / chalice 2
6. the forest
7. quayside synthesis
8. the sandman
9. Marissa flashback
10. bahnhof rumble
11. the devil is in the beats
12. car chase (arp worship)
13. interrogation / lonesome subway / Grimm’s house
14. Hanna vs Marissa
15. sun collapse
16. special ops
17. escape wavefold
18. isolated howl
19. container park
20. Hanna’s theme (vocal version)
Hanna Song - Hanna Music - Hanna Soundtrack

The Chemical Brothers deliver 20 tracks that mirror the ever-changing moods and environments that Hanna (played by Saoirse Ronan) experiences in her dangerous journey as she is pursued across Europe. You may listen below to the song Container Park:

Hanna – Container Park by The Chemical Brothers

And the song “Hanna’s theme”:

Also here’s a clip from the film with the song Escape 700:

Hanna – Escape

The soundtrack of Hanna will be released on March 15, 2011.

28 Responses - “Hanna”

  1. Gina

    We just got home from seeing the movie. Very awesome! Now I’m trying to find the music online to listen to while I clean house!

  2. gerry gabowitz

    Who sang Give It to Me in the movie Hanna

  3. megan

    If I’m not mistaken, the name of the track is actually Escape Wavefold, not Escape 700.

    Thanks for posting the great clips!

  4. Largo

    one of those movies that enter your soul and sticks there. i wish it wouldn’t have come to an end. AWESOME flickr plus awesome soundtrack.

    spot on!

  5. someone

    the movie and the soundtracks are awesome hanna is the best movie ever!

  6. Hommy

    The name of the song is indeed Escape Wavefold :D

  7. Aricu

    Not my type of music but i want to sample some of the scenes to make some beats.

  8. havva

    Someone know the name of the song they are dancing to in the campingvan when Hanna is hiding in it?

  9. Ticaman

    What a combination of tracks, I just love it. Can anybody tell me what the title of classic music is (when Mr Grimm makes her listen to music)?

  10. kira

    yes, if anyone knew the name of the song they are dancing to in the campingvan when Hanna is hiding in it – do share the info pls>thankx in advance :)

  11. SweePstaKes

    Hey…I just wanted to know what was the song where Marrisa was at the club with the guy with the blonde hair who is getting Hanna. I also want to know the song the family is singing to in the caravan

  12. classical

    do you mean this song? In the Hall of the Mountain King (Peer Gynt) by Edvard Grieg ?

  13. francesca

    someone knows the name of the song playing at the end of the movie, just after appearing in red HANNA?

  14. yusuf

    david bowie — kooks

  15. jessica

    The one the blonde guy whistles is called the devils in the details by chemical brothers. Awesome movie and soundtrack loveeeee it especially that song just sticks with ya.

  16. mr .d 3

    the soundtrack made the move come alive

  17. luis

    great movie, even better when i found out who had made these awesome beats

  18. gdy2shoez

    The song playing in the caravan while Hanna was hiding in a box is ‘Kooks’ by David Bowie

  19. hanna

    loved it! had to find this soundtrack! have always loved chemical brothers!!

  20. Nori

    the song they are dancing to in the van is a david bowie song…called “kooks.”

  21. Matthieu

    Francesca, do you mean “The Devil Is In The Beats”?

  22. Nisi

    Does anyone know any information regarding the gypsy song?

  23. maddie

    what was that song that Mr. Grimm was dancing to in the kitchen before the bad guys came? I think it was Tchaikovsky but I’m not positive. Please help!

  24. Lois

    The song Mr. Grimm plays on the radio for Hannah is Tchaikovsky – Swan Lake Suite – VII. Finale.

  25. Really

    The soundtrack to this movie stood out like a sore thumb! It was distracting and often times I was wondering it the composer was even watching the same movie that I was watching! The bad (really bad) “music” ruined the movie experience for me and at one point I wanted to hit the mute button so I could enjoy the show!

  26. fan

    Hanna’s theme is the best among them Hmmmm HmmHmmmHmmmmm

  27. jeo

    I just wanted to know the song at the end parT , @HBO I love it !! but unfortunately,I don’t know the title. can enyone heLp me about this?

  28. Kirsty

    I thought it was Dance of the Sugar Plum fairy (Nutcracker Suite)? At some point in the movie anyway. Saw for first time last night, loved it!

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