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The Choice

Here’s the official track list of the soundtrack of The Choice, the upcoming romantic drama movie directed by Ross Katz and based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks and starring Benjamin Walker and Teresa Palmer:

The Choice Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Various artists.
1. Amsterdam – Guster
2. What Can I Do? – The Rosebuds
3. Black Betty – Mick Jaroszyk and Burn This Song
4. Don’t Ever Let Me Go – Marcelo Zarvos
5. The Secret to Life – Marcelo Zarvos
6. Modern Drift – Efterklang
7. Terrible Love (Alternate Version) – The National
8. The Stars and the Moon – Marcelo Zarvos
9. Come Bother Me – Marcelo Zarvos
10. Teenage – Veronica Falls
11. Tomorrow – James
12. The Finale – Evan Goldman
13. Daylight – Natalia Safran
14. I Remember Everything – Marcelo Zarvos
15. The Windchimes – Marcelo Zarvos

The Choice Song - The Choice Music - The Choice Soundtrack - The Choice Score

And here’s the official music video of the theme song of The Choice:

The Choice – Theme song – “Daylight” by Natalia Safran

There are also official music videos for some of the other songs:

The Choice – “Amsterdam” by Guster (thanks to Warner Bros. Records)

The Choice – “What Can I Do?” by The Rosebuds (thanks to Paste Magazine)

The Choice – “Modern Drift” by Efterklang (thanks to 4AD)

The Choice – “Terrible Love (Alternate Version)” by The National (thanks to VEVO)

The Choice – “Teenage” by Veronica Falls (thanks to Pitchfork)

Plot Synopsis:
Travis (Benjamin Walker) and Gabby (Teresa Palmer) first meet as neighbors in a small coastal town and wind up in a relationship that is tested by life’s most defining events.

The soundtrack is already available for download on iTunes.

Additional songs from the film:
1. SUITE FOR VIOLONCELLO No. 1 IN G MAJOR, BWV 1007 – PRELUDE – Johann Sebastian Bach
3. FEELIN’ ALRIGHT – Voices of Unity
4. STARLIGHT – Christopher Welch
5. THE REAL THING – Sahara Smith
6. BLACK – Mick Jaroszyk and Burn Ihis Song
7. IT GETS BETTER – The Preatures
8. BEFORE IT HAPPENED – Gumby Brown and the Nifty Critters
9. ON MY WAY BACK HOME – Band of Horses


THE REAL THING – Sahara Smith

By the way if you’re looking for the songs from the trailer:

The Choice – “Like I Can” by Sam Smith (thanks to VEVO)

The Choice – “Fire Meet Gasoline” by Sia (thanks to VEVO)

What’s your favorite song from the soundtrack of The Choice?

James Bond Spectre

We’ve got our hands on the official track list of the soundtrack of James Bond Spectre, the upcoming James Bond movie directed by Sam Mendes and starring Daniel Craig:

James Bond Spectre Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by Thomas Newman.
1. Los Muertos Vivos Estan (featuring Tambuco) 2:48
2. Vauxhall Bridge 2:19
3. The Eternal City 4:34
4. Donna Lucia 2:03
5. A Place Without Mercy 1:04
6. Backfire 4:54
7. Crows Klinik 1:41
8. The Pale King 2:55
9. Madeleine 2:58
10. Kite In A Hurricane 2:09
11. Snow Plane 5:24
12. L’Americain 1:42
13. Secret Room 5:22
14. Hinx 1:21
15. Writing’s On The Wall (Instrumental) 2:10
16. Silver Wraith 2:15
17. A Reunion 5:36
18. Day Of The Dead (featuring Tambuco) 1:26
19. Tempus Fugit 1:21
20. Safe House 3:55
21. Blindfold 1:28
22. Careless 4:39
23. Detonation 3:53
24. Westminster Bridge 4:14
25. Out Of Bullets 1:51
26. Spectre (End Title) 5:40

James Bond Spectre Song - James Bond Spectre Music - James Bond Spectre Soundtrack - James Bond Spectre Score

Plot Synopsis:
A cryptic message from Bond’s past sends him on a trail to uncover a sinister organization. While M battles political forces to keep the secret service alive, Bond peels back the layers of deceit to reveal the terrible truth behind SPECTRE.

Thanks to the BBC here’s an interview with Composer Thomas Newman on writing the music for Spectre:

And here’s the music video of the theme song of James Bond Spectre:

James Bond Spectre – Theme song – “Writing’s On The Wall” by Sam Smith

Do you like the theme song?