Nathaniel Mechaly

Taken 3

Let’s take a look to the official track list of the soundtrack of Taken 3, the upcoming movie sequel directed by Olivier Megaton and starring Liam Neeson:

Taken 3 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Various artists – Score composed by Nathaniel Mechaly.
1. Taken 3 Opening
2. Let Me Weep – Gaelle Mechaly
3. Toes – Glass Animals
4. Predictable
5. Leonor Is Dead
6. Bryan Runs
7. A Stutter – Ólafur Arnalds, Arnor Dan
8. He’s Playing You
9. Bryan’s Escape
10. He Didn’t Do It
11. Inspector Dotzler
12. College Pursuit
13. Kim Interrogation
14. Fourth Yogurt from the Back
15. Malankov’s Penthouse
16. Up to the Russians
17. He’s a Ghost
18. Bryan’s Grief
19. Anything Yet?
20. Store Fight
21. Porsche Pursuit
22. Saving Kim
23. Infinity – The XX

Taken 3 Song - Taken 3 Music - Taken 3 Soundtrack - Taken 3 Score

Plot Synopsis:
Liam Neeson returns as ex-covert operative Bryan Mills, whose reconciliation with his ex-wife (Famke Janssen) is tragically cut short when she is brutally murdered. Consumed with rage, and framed for the crime, he goes on the run to evade the relentless pursuit of the CIA, FBI and the police. For one last time, Mills must use his ‘particular set of skills’, to track down the real killers, exact his unique brand of justice, and protect the only thing that matters to him now – his daughter (Maggie Grace).

The movie Taken 3 is going to be awesome, can’t wait to check out the soundtrack!

Taken 2

Take a look to the official track list of the soundtrack of Taken 2, the action movie helmed by French Director Olivier Megaton and starring Liam Neeson, Maggie Grace, Famke Janssen, and Rade Serbedzija:

Taken 2 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Composed by Nathaniel Mechaly.
1. Taken 2
2. The Burial
3. Too Close – Alex Clare
4. Kim and Jamie’s Car
5. Let Me – Phoebe Killdeer and the Short Straws
6. Back to Paris
7. Bryan Waiting for Leonore
8. Torture
9. Bagasaz – Kasbah Rockers Feat. Ozgür Sakar
10. Kim and Bryan on the Bosphorus
11. Murad Arrives
12. Pursuit in the Souk
13. Bryan and Leonore Are Taken
14. A Real Hero – College & Electric Youth
15. In the Van
16. Murad Faces Bryan
17. Bryan Escapes
18. Tick of the Clock – Chromatics
19. Kim Hides at the Hotel
20. Bosumus – Sabahat Akkiraz
21. Searching for Leonore
22. Fight in the Mammam
23. Death of Murad
24. Handyman – Henrik Wikstrom/Steve Martin
Taken 2 Song - Taken 2 Music - Taken 2 Soundtrack - Taken 2 Score

The movie soundtrack of Taken 2 will be released on October 1, 2012.

Update – Thanks to Universal Music France, here’s the music video of the song “Too Close”:

Taken 2 – “Too Close” by Alex Clare