Judge Dredd


Check out the official track list of the soundtrack of Dredd, the latest remake of Judge Dredd directed by Pete Travis and starring Karl Urban in the lead role:

Dredd Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Composed by Paul Leonard-Morgan.
1. She’s A Pass
2. Mega City One
3. The Plan
4. The Rise Of Ma-Ma
5. Anderson’s Theme
6. Lockdown
7. Cornered
8. Kay Escapes
9. Mini-Guns
10. Undefined Space
11. Bad Judges
12. Judgment Time
13. Hiding Out
14. Order In The Chaos
15. Slo-Mo
16. Taking Over Peach Trees
17. It’s All A Deep End
18. Judge, Jury And Executioner
19. Any Last Requests?
20. You Look Ready
21. Ma-Ma’s Requiem
22. Apocalyptic Wasteland
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