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Kindergarten Cop 2

Take a look to the official track list of the soundtrack of Kindergarten Cop 2, the upcoming comedy movie directed by Don Michael Paul and starring Dolph Lundgren, Bill Bellamy, Sarah Strange, and Aleks Paunovic:

Kindergarten Cop 2 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by Jake Monaco.
1. Kindergarten Cop 2
2. Schoolyard King – Sonny Cleveland
3. Top Motel
4. Childish Ideas
5. Alarming Activity
6. Infiltration
7. Kid-Terrogation
8. Hunts Bay Academy
9. School Sleuthing / Hands Are Not for Hitting
10. Discovering Kevin
11. Dibs on Olivia
12. Peanuts
13. Hog Wild
14. Campfire Clues
15. Your Tender Lips – The Merced Blue Notes
16. Cowboy Chemistry / Taser Troubles
17. Meeja
18. T.I.M.E.C.A.P.S.U.L.E
19. Backwoods Brawl
20. School’s Out
21. Your Tender Lips – The Phantom Blues Band
Kindergarten Cop 2 Song - Kindergarten Cop 2 Music - Kindergarten Cop 2 Soundtrack - Kindergarten Cop 2 Score

Plot Synopsis:
Dolph Lundgren and Bill Bellamy star in the hilarious next chapter of the Arnold Schwarzenegger classic, Kindergarten Cop. To recover stolen data in a progressive school, the FBI’s toughest agent (Dolph Lundgren) must go undercover on his most difficult assignment yet: teaching a class full of liberal kindergarteners. Kindergarten Cop 2 is an action-­packed comedy the whole family will love!

The movie soundtrack of Kindergarten Cop 2 will be released on May 13, 2016 by Back Lot Music.

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Playing it Cool

Here’s the official track list of the soundtrack of Playing it Cool, the upcoming romantic comedy movie directed by Justin Reardon and starring Chris Evans, Michelle Monaghan, Aubrey Plaza, Anthony Mackie, Topher Grace, Luke Wilson, Philip Baker Hall, Giovanni Ribisi and Martin Starr:

Playing it Cool Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by Jake Monaco.
1. Many Faces of ME – Jake Monaco
2. What is Love – Jake Monaco
3. Let It Blow – Andrew Feltenstein and John Nau
4. Guest Book – Jake Monaco
5. Meet The Gang – Andrew Feltenstein and John Nau
6. Someone For Everyone – Jake Monaco
7. Charity Case – Jake Monaco
8. Two Waves – Jake Monaco
9. First Date – Jake Monaco
10. Yoga – Jake Monaco
11. Shoebox – Jake Monaco
12. Battle – Andrew Feltenstein and John Nau
13. Kard Rack Kiss – Jake Monaco
14. Samson’s Serf Story – Jake Monaco and Brian Kim
15. Welcome Back Cap / Alone – Jake Monaco
16. Grandpa Dies – Jake Monaco
17. Rom Com – Jake Monaco
18. Love Hate Relationship – Jake Monaco

Playing it Cool Song - Playing it Cool Music - Playing it Cool Soundtrack - Playing it Cool Score

A preview of the soundtrack:

Jake Monaco – Playing It Cool Soundtrack – Official Preview

Plot Synopsis:
This is the story of ME (Chris Evans), a young man disillusioned by love, who meets a breathtaking young woman, HER (Michelle Monaghan), at a charity dinner by pretending to be a philanthropist. Only one problem: she’s engaged. Yet, he engages into a platonic relationship to be able to keep seeing her. Like a young Walter Mitty using the power of imagination and wild vignettes, HE will stop at nothing to conquer HER heart.

The movie soundtrack of Playing it Cool will be released on February 10, 2015.