Funny Cow

Funny Cow

Here’s the official track list of the soundtrack of Funny Cow, the upcoming drama comedy movie directed by Adrian Shergold based on a script Tony Pitts and starring Maxine Peake, Alun Armstrong, Paddy Considine, Stephen Graham, and Tony Pitts:

Funny Cow Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Featuring original songs by Richard Hawley.
1. Funny Cow – Richard Hawley (4:43)
2. Twist It Shake It – Ollie Trevers (3:29)
3. I Still Want You – Richard Hawley & Corinne Bailey Rae (4:05)
4. Laundrette Accordian – Richard Hawley (1:44)
5. Funny Cow (Instrumental) – Richard Hawley (0:59)
6. From Then Til Now – Ollie Trevers (5:09)
7. Leaving Mikes House – Richard Hawley (1:19)
8. Walking Round the Bookshop – Richard Hawley (1:07)
9. A Little Bit More – Richard Hawley (2:34)
10. Bad But Good – Ollie Trevers (3:35)
11. Nightmare in Paradise – Ollie Trevers (4:42)
12. End Hospital Sequence – Richard Hawley (0:59)
13. End Sequence – Richard Hawley (2:29)
14. Funny Cow Reprise & End Credits – Richard Hawley (3:46)
Funny Cow Song - Funny Cow Music - Funny Cow Soundtrack - Funny Cow Score

Plot Synopsis:
Maxine Peake plays the gritty role of β€˜Funny Cow’, a comedian who breaks through the glass ceiling of the all-male 1970s comedy circuit to rise to stardom.
Set against the backdrop of working men’s clubs in the North of England, FUNNY COW is both a love-letter to a bygone era and the defiant story of a woman who refuses to give up her dreams.

The movie soundtrack of Funny Cow will be released on April 20, 2018 by Laughing Girl.

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