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That Good Night

Here’s the official track list of the soundtrack of That Good Night, the upcoming drama movie directed by Eric Styles and starring John Hurt, Charles Dance, Sofia Helin, Erin Richards, and Max Brown:

That Good Night Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music composed and conducted by Guy Farley.
1. That Good Night (2:22)
2. The Horizon (1:41)
3. The Villa (1:57)
4. Reynaldo (2:14)
5. Try Harder (1:28)
6. I Love Portugal (1:16)
7. The Fee (1:49)
8. An Injection (1:36)
9. Call Your Dad (2:05)
10. Terminal (2:37)
11. Birth (3:07)
12. How Soon? (0:54)
13. You’re Despicable! (1:46)
14. John, Michael and Cassie (2:46)
15. Symposium (1:05)
16. His Beloved Rolex (1:21)
17. You Can Be So Nasty (1:22)
18. Trust Me (2:32)
19. October (1:45)
20. We Call it ALS (1:07)
21. A Grandfather! (1:37)
22. Reformed Character (0:55)
23. Death and Poetry (1:28)
Bonus: 24. Audio Commentary by Guy Farley (6:45)
That Good Night Song - That Good Night Music - That Good Night Soundtrack - That Good Night Score

Plot synopsis:
“Ralph (John Hurt), a once-famous screenwriter and film director, is in his seventies and terminally ill. He has two final missions in life: to be reconciled to his long-abandoned son, Michael (Max Brown), and, secretly, to ensure he is not a burden to his younger devoted wife, Anna (Sofia Helin), as he goes ‘into that good night’. Set in their luxury villa in the remote hilltops that surround the Algarve coastline of Portugal, this tragic love story bravely tackles issues of euthanasia, nature and the meaning of life and death. Based on the hugely successful stage play by NJ Crisp, its brilliant and witty arguments address issues that we traditionally avoid.”

The movie soundtrack of That Good Night will be released late March 2018 by Caldera Records.

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The Black Prince

Take a look to the official track list of the soundtrack of The Black Prince, the upcoming biography drama movie written and directed by Kavi Raz and starring Satinder Sartaaj, Shabana Azmi, Jason Flemyng, Amanda Root, Keith Duffy, Ameet Chana, and David Essex:

The Black Prince Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by George Kallis.
1. Opening Titles (3:19)
2. First Trip to India (2:21)
3. The Painting (3:20)
4. Holland Park (1:59)
5. Mother (3:06)
6. Arur Singh Captured (2:45)
7. No Passage to Punjab (1:24)
8. Back to England (2:17)
9. I Know Your Destiny (2:08)
10. The Prophecy (2:35)
11. The Bird (1:49)
12. Dr. Logan Passes (2:32)
13. First Meeting (3:14)
14. Treason! (2:35)
15. I Am Not a Prince (2:10)
16. Letters Intercepted (1:58)
17. Marriage Proposal (1:27)
18. Travelling to Paris (0:42)
19. Assassination Attempt (2:09)
20. Rest in Peace Bamba (1:46)
21. My Childhood (1:44)
22. The Sword of the Maharaja (2:39)
23. Death and Coronation (3:07)
24. Bonus Track: Audio Commentary by George Kallis (4:39)
The Black Prince Song - The Black Prince Music - The Black Prince Soundtrack - The Black Prince Score

Plot Synopsis:
The true story of Queen Victoria and the Last King of Punjab, Maharajah Duleep Singh and his lifelong struggle to regain his Kingdom.

The movie soundtrack of The Black Prince was released by Caldera Records.

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