Batman Assault on Arkham

Batman Assault on Arkham

Here’s the official track list of the soundtrack of Batman Assault on Arkham, the direct-to-video animated superhero movie directed by Jay Oliva and Ethan Spaulding for DC Entertainment and Warner Bros Animation:

Batman Assault on Arkham Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Composed by Robert J. Kral.
1 Nigma’s Confrontation / It’s Batman
2 Criminal Montage
3 Task Force Indoctrination
4 Dropping Down
5 Gearing Up / Beer Room Challenge
6 Harley Arrested to Arkham
7 Infiltrating Arkham & Joker Assault
8 Killer Frost’s Kiss & Black Spider’s Microwave
9 Harley Bait & King Shark’s Work
10 Suicide Squad in the Big House
11 Batman’s Gotham & Property Room Access
12 Batman Fights Suicide Squad
13 Joker’s Out / Suicide Squad vs SCU
14 Joker Attacks Batman
15 Prisoners Released
16 Chopper Fight / Poison Ivy / The Batplane
17 Chopper Crash
18 Final Confrontations
19 Batman – Assault On Arkham End Credits

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Plot Synopsis:
The Suicide Squad is formed by Amanda Waller with their mission to break into Arkham Asylum and recover top secret information from Riddler. Suicide Squad member Harley Quinn ends up freeing Joker who makes plans to blow up Arkham Asylum and Gotham City causing Batman to spring into action.

The movie soundtrack of Batman Assault on Arkham is already available on Amazon, listen to samples of the songs below: