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American Animals

We’ve got our hands on the official track list of the soundtrack of American Animals, the upcoming crime drama movie written and directed by Bart Layton and starring Evan Peters, Barry Keoghan, Blake Jenner, Jared Abrahamson, Ann Dowd, and Udo Kier:

American Animals Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by Anne Nikitin.
1. American Animals (3:04)
2. Art Has to Be More (1:38)
3. Warren (0:49)
4. Stripmall (2:26)
5. Audubon (1:32)
6. Could We Get It? (2:03)
7. First Plans (1:38)
8. Secret Knock (feat. Camilla Uboldi) (1:33)
9. In Too Deep (2:27)
10. The Exchange (2:06)
11. Don’t Touch the Model (1:05)
12. Chas (1:42)
13. The Day of the Robbery (feat. Camilla Uboldi) (5:50)
14. Family (1:28)
15. Flamingo (1:46)
16. The Real Day of the Robbery (5:51)
17. Neutralize Her (2:35)
18. Let’s Go Let’s Go Let’s Go! (5:42)
19. Aftermath (2:53)
20. Auction House (1:51)
21. Drive Home (2:30)
22. Paranoia Will Destroy You (3:42)
23. On Reflection (1:28)
24. Who is Warren? (1:39)
25. Crossed the Line (2:32)
American Animals Song - American Animals Music - American Animals Soundtrack - American Animals Score

Plot Synopsis:
The extraordinary and thrilling true story of four friends (Evan Peters, Barry Keoghan, Blake Jenner, and Jared Abrahamson) living an ordinary existence who brazenly attempt to execute one of the most audacious art heists in US history. But not everything is as it seems, and as the daring theft unfolds through each of their perspectives, each of them start to question whether their attempts to inject excitement and purpose into their lives is simply a misguided attempt at achieving the American Dream.

The movie soundtrack of American Animals will be released on June, 2018 by The Orchard.

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Dark Horse

Here’s the official track list of the soundtrack of Dark Horse, the latest documentary movie directed by Louise Osmond:

Dark Horse Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by Anne Nikitin.
1. Dark Horse
2. One Night at the Bar
3. Budgies, Whippets
4. Never Been Me
5. Leaving Home
6. Training
7. Newbury Debut
8. First Race
9. Local Hero
10. Visits to Minehead
11. Perth
12. A Contender
13. Dream Alliance is Out of the Race
14. Night Drive
15. Stem Cell Rescue
16. You’d Better Come Down
17. Famous Victory
18. Lunatics
19. The Grand National
20. Racing On
21. The Journey
22. Life of Luxury
Dark Horse Song - Dark Horse Music - Dark Horse Soundtrack - Dark Horse Score

Plot Synopsis:
An inspirational true story of a group of friends from a working men’s club who decide to take on the elite ‘sport of kings’ and breed themselves a racehorse.

The movie soundtrack of Dark Horse will be released on May 27 2016 by Madison Gate Records.

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