Shark Night 3D

We’ve got our hands on the track list of the soundtrack of Shark Night 3D, the upcoming horror movie directed by David R. Ellis:

Shark Night 3D Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by Graeme Revell
  1. Opening Titles РShark Night 3d
  2. First Attack
  3. Sara On Treadmill
  4. Malik Injured
  5. Nick Searches
  6. Taking Malik to Hospital
  7. Blake Freaks Out
¬† 8.¬†Sara’s Story
  9. 5 Minutes to Showtime
10. Gordon Attacked
11. Shark Cam
12. Beth Goes In
13. Blake Races
14. Blake Attacked
15. Reality TV
16. Sara Fools Dennis
17. Sheriff Burned
18. Nick and Dennis Fight
19.¬†Everything’s Fine
Shark Night 3D Song - Shark Night 3D Music - Shark Night 3D Soundtrack

You may listen to samples of the songs of the Shark Night 3D soundtrack below:

The movie soundtrack of Shark Night 3D will be released on August 30, 2011.

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  1. julien

    there is another song featured in the movie, with Sean Kingston”Party All Night”,
    it is DJ Dan & Dave Aude”Come on & Get It (Feat. L.P)”
    you can buy it on itunes.

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