Piranha 3D

Let’s take a look to the track list of the soundtrack of Piranha 3D, the upcoming fishy horror movie directed by Alexandre Aja:

Piranha 3D Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Various artists.
1. Get U Home (Shwayze)
2. Shake Shake (Envy feat. Leviticus)
3. Here She Comes (Flatheads)
4. Make It Take It (Amanda Blank)
5. Bring The Noise Remix Pump-kin Edit (Public Enemy vs. Benny Benassi)
6. She Moves (Dub Pistols)
7. Flower Duet from Lakme (Adriana Kohutova and Denisa Slepkovska)
8. Nadas Por Free (Ozomatli)
9. Come And Get It (Eli Paperboy Reed)
10. Now You See It (Honorebel Feat. Pitbull & Jump Smokers)
11. M.A.D. (Hadouken!)
12. I’m In The House (Steve Aoki feat. [[[zuper blahq]]])
Piranha 3D Song - Piranha 3D Music - Piranha 3D Soundtrack

You may listen and download the songs of the soundtrack of Piranha 3D below:

Here’s the official music video of Bring The Noise Remix Pump-kin Edit , that great techno /dance party song from the trailer of Piranha 3D, UltraRecords are sharing it on youtube:

Public Enemy vs Benny Benassi – Bring The Noise Remix (Pump-kin Remix)

Update – Lakeshore Records is now sharing this preview of the soundtrack:

Piranha 3D Official Soundtrack Album Preview – Songs From The Movie

Among all he songs of the soundtrack of Piranha 3D what’s your favorite song?

10 Responses - “Piranha 3D”

  1. surat

    nice music….

  2. William

    Hey, do you know the music track thats plays when the two girls were dancing on the boat before Jake gets on board the boat . . . And every one was screaming . . . One of the girls were wearing blue . . .

  3. Will

    Which is the song that begins the wet T-Shirt contest?

  4. Hunter90

    WIlliam its a Far East Movement – Girls On the Dance Floor ft. Stereotypes =]

  5. just i

    Hunter90 you are my hero :D thank you! :)

  6. Bags224

    Whats the song thats played when you are at the menu screen on the dvd?

  7. anhrax

    Anthrax song :)

  8. manuelkraner

    @william far east movement girls on the dance floor

  9. W

    Song from Pirahna during the Wet T-Shirt contest? Answer: Public Enemy “Bring on the noise” Remix “Pump

  10. pat

    do you know the title of the song playing when those two girls were been filmed as they were swimming?.

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