Take a look to the track list of the soundtrack of Paul, the upcoming science-fiction comedy movie directed by Greg Mottola and starring Nick Frost, Simon Pegg, and Seth Rogen:

Paul Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Various artists
1. Paul opening title – David Arnold
2. Another girl another planet – The Only Ones
3. Road trip number 1 – David Arnold
4. Just the two of us – Bill Withers & Grover Washington Jr.
5. passport – David Arnold
6. road trip number 2 – David Arnold
7. Flying saucers rock n roll – Bill Lee Riley
8. window shopping – David Arnold
9. Hello it’s me – Todd Rundgren
10. End of the road trip – David Arnold
11. Dancing in the moonlight – King Harvest
12. Campfire confessions – David Arnold
13. Got to give it up – Marvin Gaye
14. A little talk with Paul – David Arnold
15. I chase the devil – Max Romeo
16. Chase – David Arnold
17. Cantina band – Syd Masters and The Swing Riders
18. You gotta try – David Arnold
19. 1st contact – David Arnold
20. Planet Clare – B52’s
21. Goodbye (it’s a little awkward) – David Arnold
22. All over the world – Elo
Paul Song - Paul Music - Paul Soundtrack

Quite a few funny titles on the soundtrack of Paul.

Listen below to the songs of the soundtrack of Paul:


12 Responses - “Paul”

  1. dude

    Hey all,

    Somebody knows what is the sample of rock music in the trailer ? kind of fast rock ..

  2. hi

    I know how to say by 3Oh!3

  3. alex

    I can not find the song that begins when they ignite the fireworks
    Somebody can tell me which is?

  4. wdf

    All Over The World – ELO

  5. Jim

    Anyone the jazz funk tune that the two guys and Paul danced to in the movie at the bar b que?

  6. karen

    got to give it up – marvin gaye is the very track at the barbeque ! enjoy

  7. YKnot

    Can anyone PLEASE tell me what the musical theme is that runs trhoughout the movie? It sounds like an old western or romance kinda? like with harmonica?

  8. Barvin

    Whats the song playing when paul fixes that girls eye

  9. Beatlelove

    Does anybody remember the song Paul was singing along to on the roadtrip out the window of the RV?
    It wasn’t included on the soundtrack. :\

  10. Arno

    What song is playing when they walk into the bar and when the fight starts?

  11. Sean

    The Bob Marley song ? Where they were smoking weed . Anyone know it . greatly appreciated

  12. Joanne

    Sean it’s not a Bob Marley song, actually it’s Max Romeo and the title is Chase the Devil

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