Here’s the track list of the soundtrack of Ironclad, the upcoming period action comedy directed by Jonathan English:

Ironclad Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by Lorne Balfe
1. The Magna Carte
2. King John Arrives
3. God Protect Us
4. Mobilizing
5. We Claim This Castle
6. The Art of Naivety
7. The Battle Begins
8. Marshall and Isabel
9. Dilectio
10. Insidiae
11. Hunger Sets In
12. Desparatus
13. Ciminatio
14. No Salvation
15. Concursus
16. The Final Battle
17. Final Resolution
18. Corvus Cantus
Ironclad Song - Ironclad Music - Ironclad Soundtrack

The movie soundtrack of Ironclad will be released on March 1, 2011

“I am proud of this score because it gave me an opportunity to explore the minds of these characters who had just returned from the crusades. Knowing that the Knights Templars during that time in history would have been exposed to various types of music, including Middle Eastern, Western, and Celtic instrumentation, I was challenged to write a score that was ethnically accurate and not overly westernized and glorified.
While scoring this film I was able to collaborate with a multitude of diversely talented and highly respected musicians including: Irish singer/song writer Paul Brady, Internationally acclaimed- Carnyx musician John Kenny, and the popular German band Corvus Corax. The one musical connection for the period of time that this film portrayed and present day is the concept of a melody. That being said, trying to give this score a new approach as opposed to what the audience would normally expect was exciting and being able to use a palette of Medieval, Celtic, and Western tonality and instrumentation was exhilarating!”

Lorne Balfe


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