Men in Black 3

Take a look to the track list of the soundtrack of Men in Black 3, the upcoming science-fiction movie starring Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones and Josh Brolin:

Men in Black 3 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by Danny Elfman.
1. Men in Black 3 โ€“ Main Title
2. Spiky Bulba
3. The Set-Up
4. Headquarters
5. Regret
6. Wrong
7. Not Funny
8. Big Trouble
9. Out on a Limb
10. Time Jump
11. Bad Fortune
12. Forget Me Not
13. Goinโ€™ Back or Into the Past
14. Griffin Steps Up
15. True Story
16. The Prize-Monocycles
17. Boris Meets Boris
18. Under the Bridge
19. The Mission Begins
20. Mission Accomplished
21. A Close One
22. Men in Black 3 โ€“ Main Title Revisited
Men in Black 3 Song - Men in Black 3 Music - Men in Black 3 Soundtrack

Listen to samples of the songs below:

The soundtrack of Men in Black 3 will be released on May 29, 2012.

Here’s the music video of the theme song of Men in Black 3:

Men in Black 3 – “Back in time” by Pitbull


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