Machine Gun Preacher

Here’s the track list of the soundtrack of The Machine Gun Preacher, the upcoming action movie starring Gerard Butler and based on the true story of Sam Childers:

Machine Gun Preacher Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by Asche & Spencer
1. The Keeper – Chris Cornell
2. Opening Title
3. Sam’s Redemption
4. Bus Ride North
5. You Can’t Help Them All
6. Sam Sees
7. Rebuilding
8. Have You Seen My Brother
9. Playground
10. Garang and Sam
11. Child Sniper
12. We’re Too Late
13. Donnie’s Theme
14. Battle with LRA
15. We’re Staying
Machine Gun Preacher Song - Machine Gun Preacher Music - Machine Gun Preacher Soundtrack

The movie soundtrack of Machine Gun Preacher will be released on September 19, 2011.

You may listen below to the songs of the Machine Gun Preacher soundtrack:

What do you think of Chris Cornell’s song “The Keeper? A fitting song the Machine Gun Preacher?

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  1. meren longchar

    awesome movie!!…hats off to sam childers

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