Life of Crime

The official track list of the soundtrack of Life of Crime, the upcoming crime comedy movie directed by Daniel Schecter and starring Jennifer Aniston, has been revealed:

Life of Crime Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by The Newton Brothers.
1. Just Keep On Runnin’
2. The Plan
3. Richard The Nazi
4. Just Another Day
5. That’s Her?
6. The Kidnapping
7. Alone
8. What Are You Going To Do To Me?
9. Setting The Ransom
10. Freeport
11. The Escape
12. You’ve Changed
13. Mickey & Louis
14. Let’s Call The Motherfu$$er
15. B Sides
16. Hearts On Ice (Instrumental) – Jordan Galland

Life of Crime Song - Life of Crime Music - Life of Crime Soundtrack - Life of Crime Score

Plot Synopsis:
The wife (Jennifer Anniston) of a wealthy man (Tim Robbins) is kidnapped, but he doesn’t want to pay her ransom.

The movie soundtrack of Life of Crime will be released on August 25, 2014 by Varese Sarabande.

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