Let’s check the track list of the soundtrack of Hop, the upcoming fantasy comedy movie directed by Tim Hill:

Hop Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music composed and conducted by Christopher Lennertz
01. Prologue / Easter Island
02. Candy Factory
03. Young Fred Gets a Visit
04. O’Hare’s Intervention
05. Don’t Want To Be The Easter Bunny
06. The Accident
07. Lament
08. In The Garage
09. Carlos Reports
10. Summon The Pink Berets
11. Pooping Jellybeans
12. Fred Remembers
13. Late For Interview
14. EB Escapes
15. Fred’s Tour
16. Got The Blues
17. Dad Misses His Son
18. Back To The Mansion
19. Sam’s Visit
20. The Hoff
21. Fathers Just Don’t Get It
22. Fred’s Realization
23. Be The Bunny
24. Pink Berets Take Fred
25. Back To Easter Island
26. Coup De Tat
27. Oh, The Guilt
28. Easter Moon Rises
29. Carlos Takes Control
30. Transformation
31. Air Traffic Control
32. Reunion / Proclamation
33. Brunch
34. The Big Finale
35. The Pink Berets
Hop Song - Hop Music - Hop Soundtrack

The movie soundtrack of Hop will be released on April 5, 2011.

17 Responses - “Hop”

  1. Chloe

    Where’s I Want Candy? That is the only song I really wanted and it isn’t there!

  2. Liz D

    Please be aware that the official soundtrack to HOP includes only the instrumental songs and none of the songs with lyrics. Although the musical score is very nice, it was very disappointing to discover that Dynamite, Higher Ground and I Want Candy and other songs with lyrics were not included.

  3. henry_dinh

    Does anyone know the song which E.B played for the interview? Thanks

  4. Rebekah

    whats the name of the song that EB plays with the blind boys? The one thats like “fever, keep on burning”

  5. syberwired

    The song he does for The Hoff is Dynamite by Taio Cruz

  6. Megan

    what was the name of the on where they were working out.

  7. Dave

    Workout music – I Speak No Americano

  8. Kirianna

    what is the song that plays when he is teaching him how to be the Easter Bunny the one that makes you wanna get up and move>

  9. alex

    whats the song he played while he was in his room right before the speech that he was suposed to give

  10. Darlene

    Pitbull sings I Speak No Americano.
    It’s huge in Punta Cana right now.

  11. courtney

    Does anybody know the name of the song that plays when they’re at the diner? it sounds like an old song, or maybe it was just made for the movie. oddly, i feel like i’ve heard it before.

  12. Droteratti

    what’s the name of the song that E.B. plays along to on drums before his speech?

  13. Billy

    The song that EB plays at the interview is one of the most famous songs ever. It’s Stevie Wonder’s “Higher Ground”. The version in the movie is with the Blind Boys of Alabama, who had already released their cover of it in 2002.

  14. Sunchild

    Does anyone knows the song that the little chic is dancing to? It is on the radio all the time.

  15. Anime

    The movie was great. The soundtrack was OK mostly, however I definitely remember hearing some songs from when I was younger. Oh the memories! LOL

  16. Hilary

    I wanna know the name of the song that plays when the guy is trying to get in shape to become the Easter bunny … ?

  17. leo

    that songs name is dynamite by taio Cruz

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