Hangover 2

The track list of the soundtrack of The Hangover 2, the upcoming comedy movie sequel directed by Todd Phillips and starring Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, and Zach Galifianakis besides a naughty little monkey:

Hangover 2 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Various Artists.
  1. Black Hell – Danzig
  2. You Can’t Just Skip Out Of The Bachelor Party [Explicit] – Bradley Cooper
  3. Stronger [Explicit] – Kanye West
  4. Stew’s First Marriage – Bradley Cooper
  5. The Downeaster ‘Alexa’ – Billy Joel
  6. Holla, City Of Squaller [Explicit] – Bradley Cooper
  7. The Beast In Me – Mark Lanegan
  8. What The F*** Is Going On?! [Explicit] – Ed Helms
  9. Sofi Needs A Ladder – Deadmau5
10. Allentown [Explicit] – Ed Helms
11. Pusher Man – Curtis Mayfield
12. Seriously, What Is Wrong With You Three? – Sasha Barrese
13. Love Train – Wolfmother
14. Farting Medication – Bradley Cooper
15. I Ran – Ska Rangers
16. When A Monkey Nibbles [Explicit] – Zach Galifianakis
17. One Night In Bangkok – Mike Tyson
18. Hold On Gay Boys – Ken Jeong
19. Just The Way You Are – Ska Rangers
20. Bad Man’s World – Jenny Lewis
Hangover 2 Song - Hangover 2 Music - Hangover 2 Soundtrack

The soundtrack of The Hangover Part 2 will be released on May 23, 2011.

You may listen to the songs of the soundtrack of the Hangover 2 below:

I also spotted a few official music videos of songs from the Hangover 2 on youtube (thanks to VEVO and UltaRecords):

Hangover 2 – Stronger by Kanye West

Hangover 2 – Sofi Needs A Ladder by Deadmau5

Hangover 2 – Love Train by Wolfmother

What’s the best song of the soundtrack of the Hangover 2 according to you?

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  1. D

    Minus all the normal movie dialogue there appears to be some good songs. Mark lanegan & Danzig, maybe i’ll see it after all.

  2. Ben

    What was the song that Tim Played on The Violin in the Hangover 2?

  3. leon

    what was the song playing when they were sitting around the bonfire?

  4. Suhurd

    What is the song that plays when they arrive in thailand at the start of the movie?

  5. KP

    @Ben: It’s the Cello Suite no.1 Prelude by Bach

  6. Matty

    What about Kanye West Monster? that was in it

  7. tommy

    @Leon. It is Kanye West ft. Jay-Z & Nikki Minaj – Monster

  8. Orayon

    That’s Billy Joel – the Downeaster “Alexa”
    It’s a great song.. Here’s the official music video (thanks to Vevo):

    Billy Joel – The Downeaster “Alexa”

  9. singhswat

    holy shit… Florida… where the last song… why is that not on the list….

  10. BigDam

    Just found that list of scenes with their songs:

    * Opening credits – Black Hell – Danzig
    * Walking through the airport – Stronger – Kanye West
    * On the plane – The Downeaster Alexa – Billy Joel
    * Wedding party drinking outside in Thailand – (unknown classical song)
    * Cello performance by Teddy – (unknown classical song)
    * Bonfire on the beach – Monster – Kanye West featuring Jay Z, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj and Bon Iver
    * Wake up in random hotel room – The Beast in Me – Mark Lanegan [cover of Johnny Cash song]
    * Tattoo parlor – (unknown blues song, male vocal)
    * Second tattoo parlor song – (unknown blues/60s song, male vocal)
    * Thai monestary – (unknown Thai song)
    * Alan relives the night as a child – Imma Be – Black Eyed Peas
    * At the club – Sofi Needs a Ladder – Deadmau5
    * Ed Helms singing in the boat – Allentown – Ed Helms
    * Dinner with Chao – (unknown Thai song)
    * Smoking monkey – Pusher Man – Curtis Mayfield
    * Car chase – (Unknown guitar song, possibly score)
    * Singing in the elevator – Time in a Bottle – Jim Croce
    * Riding in the speedboat – Love Train – Wolfmother
    * Waiting for the wedding – (unknown classical song)
    * Walking down the aisle – (unknown classical song)
    * Lighting the lanterns after the wedding – I Ran – Ska Rangers
    * Mike Tyson singing – One Night in Bangkok – Mike Tyson
    * End credits – Turn Around – Flo Rida

  11. Sara

    What song is playing in the elevator ??

  12. Movie Soundtrack

    @Sara: it’s the song Time in a Bottle by Jim Croce, well, check BigDam’s list above. ;-)

  13. Incredible Hulk

    What about Jay-z’s – Reminder?

  14. Dushyant

    ACTUALLY the song in the club is Deadmau5 – Sofi Needs A Ladder ( Johnswine’s Dub Arrangement )

  15. Brian

    the song in the tattoo parlor was Smokestack lightning by howlin wolf

  16. whoop

    @incredible hulk

    Jay-Z’s song is used in the trailer.

  17. Houkkah

    I can’t believe “Time in a Bottle” didn’t make the soundtrack. :(

  18. Jules

    Hi! someone can tell me the name of the song that the asian band start to play when finally Stu get married? just before they were interrupted for Mike’s performance? i cant stop thinking in that song!!!! help o___O

  19. Mabu

    What was the song when the tattoo guy showed them the video on his phone what was the song playing when they were watching the video

  20. Lee

    What is the name of the band playing just before mike tyson comes on?

  21. Tom Harris

    Wasn’t Mr Saxobeat by Alexandra Stan in it?

  22. Zara Nolan

    What is the classic song that she walks down the aisle too? I loved it and want to play it for my wedding.

  23. Crystal

    Tim played the CELLO and he played Cello Suite No.1 by Bach

  24. Oli

    Can anybody tell me what´s the name of the song the rock band sing after the wedding and just before mike tyson performance in the film hangover 2?? thank you!!!

  25. Oli

    I figure it out!!! the song the band plays just after the wedding it is call I ran by Skan Ranger!!!

  26. .

    The rock band are singing I Ran (So Far Away) which was originally by A Flock of Seagulls.

  27. Listener

    Hey dude! you forgot – Kanye West “monster”… it´s the best ever!!!!

  28. dfornik

    Cello performance by Teddy is Prelude from Bach’s Cello Suite No. 1

  29. Marko

    Can anybody tell me name of the song(instrumental),it starts when mr Chow take drugs an when his heart stop(when he hits with his head in the desk)

  30. ishika

    what is the tune that is played when phil calls to inform that ted is missing almost at the end in the restaurant….

  31. sandip

    @Ishika: Have you found that tune and the solo playing after the Florida – Turn Around Song.

  32. JoshuaC

    @Marko, I am trying to figure out the name of that song too, you have anything on it yet?

  33. HJJ

    what is the name of the song just as Mike Tyson says what the f–k as they are looking at the pictures on the phone cut to credits. The song counts down 5,4,3,2,1 ?

  34. lee

    it’s Turn Around by Flo Rida

  35. dale

    @Marko & JoshuaC – guys I don’t think that music is a “produced and released” song as such, I think it’s just part of the Films Score.

    I’m happy to be wrong because it sounds good and I’d like to hear the full piece, if it exists!

  36. Ariel

    Hi…, Can anyone tell me which is the song in the end credits that’s an instrumental…, it starts great with the drums and keeps going and going with the jam… Great Instrumental! But anyone’s talking about this song! Thanks..

  37. ReeX_Campos

    Kanye West ft Jay-Z Nicki Minaj Rick Ross and Bon Iver – Monster

  38. musicman

    The song after the wedding is a remake….. its “I ran” by a flock of seaguls. Tyson sings “one night in bancok” by murry head.

  39. RenoRon

    Does anyone know the name of the song played on the Hangover slot machine in the Chows Freaky Games Bonus ?

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