Grand Piano

Check out the official track list of the soundtrack of Grand Piano, the thriller movie directed by Eugenio Mira and starring Elijah Wood and John Cusack:

Grand Piano Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music composed by Victor Reyes.
1. Grand Piano Main Titles
2. Grand Piano Concerto: 1st Movement
3. Grand Piano Concerto: 2nd Movement
4. Grand Piano Concerto: 3rd Movement
5. La inquette
Grand Piano Song - Grand Piano Music - Grand Piano Soundtrack - Grand Piano Score

Plot Synopsis:
Tom Selznick, the most talented pianist of his generation, stopped performing in public because of his stage fright. Years after a catastrophic performance, he reappears in public in a long awaited concert in Chicago. In a packed theater, in front of the expectant audience, Tom finds a message written on the score: ‘Play one wrong note and you die’. Without leaving the piano, Tom must discover the anonymous sniper’s motives and look for help without anyone realizing…

The soundtrack of Grand Piano will be released on March 25, 2014 by Kronos Records.

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