Here’s the track list of the soundtrack of The Divide, the science-fiction movie directed by French Filmmaker Xavier Gens:

The Divide Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by Jean-Pierre Taieb.
1. Theme from “The Divide”
2. The Divide
3. Rosanna’s Plan (feat. E.T)
4. Corridor to Amy
5. Time to Sleep
6. Butcher’s Party
7. What’s Up
8. Some Love
9. Trapped
10. Haircut
11. Sam and Bobby Dance
12. Nightmare
13. Bobby Is a Good Man Though
14. Ashes (feat. E.T)
15. One Way to Life (feat. E.T)
16. Running After My Fate (feat. Anna He) [Crucifying Myself]
17. Theme from ”The Divide” (Reprise)
18. Do You Love Beans? (Bonus Track)
19. Running After My Fate (Alternate Version) (feat. Kafkaz) [Bonus Track]
The Divide Song - The Divide Music- The Divide Soundtrack - The Divide Film Score

You may listen below to samples of the soundtrack of The Divide:

The soundtrack of The Divide will be released on June 3, 2012, by Pale Blue Records.

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