Crazy Stupid Love Soundtrack

The track list of the soundtrack of Crazy Stupid Love , the upcoming comedy movie starring Steve Carell and Ryan Gosling, has been revealed:

Crazy Stupid Love Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by Klaus Badelt and Andrew Raiher
1. The Numbers Game – Thievery Corporation
2. Almanac – The Acorn
3. Lost in Place – Gram Rabbit
4. The Heart’s a Lonely Hunter – Thievery Corporation & David Byrne
5. Black is the Color of my True Love’s Hair (Jaffa Remix) – Nina Simone
6. Animal (Mark Renson Remix) – Miike Snow
7. Ooh La La – Goldfrapp
8. Just One Look – Doris Troy
9. Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh – Say Hi
10. On the Sly – The Bamboos
11. I Need Your Love – Marilin Medina, Martin Medina & Jason Ruder
12. Blood – The Middle East
Crazy Stupid Love Song - Crazy Stupid Love Music - Crazy Stupid Love Soundtrack

The record labels are sharing a few official music videos on youtube:

Crazy Stupid Love – The Numbers Game by Thievery Corporation (official music video thanks to ESLMusicDC)

Almanac – The Acorn

Crazy Stupid Love – On the Sly by The Bamboos (official music video thanks to Tru Thoughts Records)

Crazy Stupid Love – Ooh La La by Goldfrapp (official music video thanks to EMI Records)

Crazy Stupid Love – Blood by The Middle East (official music video thanks to Spunk Records)

You may listen to the songs of the soundtrack of Crazy Stupid Love below:

The soundtrack of Crazy Stupid Love will be released on July 26, 2011.

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  1. KickinItAtWork

    Also, the song that is playing at one point when Steve Carrell and Ryan Goslings characters are at the bar is called “You Can Be The One” by Late Night Alumni.

    I heard it once at the mall like, two years ago and had to Shazam it I liked it so much. I put it on every mix I make now that needs a good beat, and this is the only other place I’ve ever heard it.
    … just in case anyone else was looking for it, too!

  2. Grey

    @KickinItAtWork: The whole reason I came on here was in hopes of finding that song. That’s the only one on the soundtrack I wanted. You just made my day.

  3. darci

    Crazy, Stupid, Love was a solid movie, even if it didn’t really offer anything new to the genre I still enjoyed it. I loved the music though! One of my favorite soundtracks since Garden State…I do wonder though, how do they determine what songs make the official soundtrack?

    For example, the movie had two of my all-time favorite songs in it, but only one made it to the soundtrack. The first one, “Almanac” by The Acorn is on the soundtrack and it played in Weaver’s SUV when Cal’s struggle to understand stops Jessica’s attempt to let him know how she feels. Love that song….

    The other one, “Loops” by Junip was the song playing when Robbie declares his love for all to see but Jessica tells him there’s someone else…and it didn’t make the cut. How does this get decided? I’d get the soundtrack for sure if they had “Loops” on it (probably still will buy it but ugh it would be better with Loops).

  4. johann

    what’s the title of the first song being played as background at the start of the movie?

  5. Dany

    and trailer soundtrack is muse – starlight

  6. Stephanie Ochoa

    Hey the name of the song that plays when Jacob tells Hannah to call her father it’s called Revenge by Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse. LOVE that song.. and the movie! :)

  7. Jason

    whats the name of the song that plays briefly when cal is outside when it starts to rain and where hannah runs to jacob?

  8. Aleksandar

    In case anyone is searching for the song in the part when everything falls apart for Cal (~1:35) here you go Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse – Dark Night of the Soul – Revenge =)

  9. Sam G

    @jason the song is I can’t hear you by The dead weather

  10. Mel

    @Johann: That’s Save Room by John Legend.

  11. Joe

    Anyone know the song that was used when Jacob and Hannah were talking on jacob’s bed?

  12. Emanuel

    anyone knos the name of the song that’s playing when jacob’s eating pizza, before the shoe scene????

  13. NJ

    Does anybody know the song that plays the first time Cal’s fixing the garden at night?

  14. Alex

    What’s the song when he tries to re-marry her in the garden? thanks!

  15. Sally

    @Alex True- Spandeu Ballet

  16. Kristen

    What’s the song that plays when Jacob walks over towards Hannah at the beginning of the movie?? I need to find it!!

  17. Ajudando

    @NJ Talking Heads – This Must Be The Place

  18. MicHaeL

    Joe@ Here is the answer:
    Time of my life by Billy Medley & Jennifer Warnes.

  19. MicHaeL

    What’s the song that plays when Jacob walks over towards Hannah at the beginning of the movie?? I need to find it!!
    Here is the answer:
    The Numbers Game by Thievery Corporation.

  20. Joe

    @Michael. That’s song is from Jacobs living room. Wrong room.

  21. Joe

    Joe – I’m after this one too ! Everyone keeps telling me either the dirty dancing song or the doris song while he’s making drinks. What we’re after just to be clear is the downtempo background music while Hannah and Jacob are talking on his bed. Please help ?

  22. Xenon


    Nah, it’s not it MicHael – I also tought it is Thievery Corp, but it’s not. Thx for the effort, thou :)

    Dunno bout Kristen but I need the track where Gosling is walking in the slowmotion to Hannah – it’s a ambient, tribal, folk voice something.. And it’s not Numbers Game.
    I think it’s the part of original score by Christophe Beck and Nick Urata – ive checked their stuff and couldn’t find it..

    Best luck in searching!

  23. Jesse

    what’s the title of the first song being played as background at the start of the movie?

    Spoon – Underdog

  24. tara

    whats the song when cal and the baby sitter are in the car? at the beginning of the movie?

  25. Maddie

    I would like to know what the song is that plays on the DVD menu before it even starts? It plays on loop and I like it a lot.. it’s very peaceful.

  26. milos

    bonobo – silver

  27. Alex

    @Joe, @Joe

    I was looking for the same one, unfortunately it was made for the film so there is only about a minute long clip of it but it still a great piece of music. Its called Cal Calling by Christophe Beck (check –>there).

  28. AnneGolden

    You’ve solved a lot of questions but can you help me for this one? I’m dying to know what is the song who is played when Hannah enter the bar and kiss Jacob. Thank you really by advance!

  29. mearlog

    dunno what track exactly do u all mean, but thats unofficial list of songs used:
    01. John Legend – Save Room
    02. Late Night Alumni – You Can Be The One
    03. Bonobo – Silver
    04. Poets Of Rhythm – Plus Plus
    05. Junip – Loops
    06. Talking Heads – This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)
    07. The Dead Weather – I Can’t Hear You
    08. Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes – (I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life
    09. Spandau Ballet – True
    10. Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse feat. The Flaming Lips – Revenge
    11. Andrew Bird – Tenuousness
    12. Grizzly Bear – Two Weeks
    13. The Cure – Close To Me
    14. Wale feat. Lady GaGa – Chillin’
    15. Muse – Starlight
    16. The Airborne Toxic Event – Changing

  30. Mimi

    @Annegolden: The song when Hannah claims her prize, aka Jacob ( YUM! ) Is ” I can’t hear you – by The Dead weather.

  31. Kate

    Hello! I don’t know is this answer relevant or not, but I found this song which @Kristen sought.
    Thats plays when Jacob walks over towards Hannah at the beginning of the movie.

    Jacob approaches by Christophe Beck & Nick Urata

  32. loopsylizzy

    August 21, 2011 at 9:16 am
    what’s the title of the first song being played as background at the start of the movie?”

    at the very start? that one is called stormy by classic IV but theres different versions of it but thats the song

  33. mike

    The Talking Heads song is Naive Melody.

  34. Pamela

    @Alex, thank you SO much for telling me about Cal Calling, I was looking EVERYWHERE for this track, I really love it.

  35. Steph

    What’s the name of the song playin in the background after the babysitter gives the boy the pictures at his graduation???

  36. Mer

    @steph the song that plays after the graduation is blood by the Middle East.

  37. Lina

    @KickinItAtWork – i was looking exactly for this song! Thanx :)

  38. Jill

    I’ve been looking everywhere for the song that plays at the beginning in the restaurant when Emily tells Cal she wants a divorce. It’s instrumental & I believe by Andrew Bird. It’s also playing on the DVD menu. HELP!!!

  39. AlexC

    Hey guys does anyone know the name of the jazzy song that plays the first time Jacob talks to Cal? When he tells him his wife is gonna regret letting him go?

  40. yaya


    Jaffa Remix of the song “Black Is The Color Of My True Love’s Hair” by Nina Simone

  41. sacryp

    Hi! I can’t seem to find the song played briefly after Emily finds out Cal’s been sleeping around and it starts raining and while Jacob eats cereal. I really like this instrumental song so if anyone knows its name that’d be great. Thanks!

  42. A.J.Cohen

    Brilliant site!
    Love the sing by The Middle East!

  43. Robyn

    Is the “Cal Calling” the song that plays at the title menu?

  44. ttat

    At the beginning of this graduation scene in the movie, what is the song playing in the background? When cal is walking in…

  45. domy pasywne

    Thanks for the list. Just watched the movie!

  46. Hunter

    Whats the song when the babysitter takes provocative pictures for Cal?? Cant find it anywhere

  47. emmastone fan

    can i ask if somebody knows what song is playing when Hannah covers Jacob with a blanket and kisses him and goes to sleep ? thanks :)


    Hey i CANNOT seem to find this song.. the one when (after transformation) JACOB leaves with a chick , and the bartender comes , CAL thinks she’s coming for him but she ends up giving him his tab, then a upbeat house music type of song come on which one is it??

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