Here’s the track list of the soundtrack of Arthur, the upcoming comedy movie directed by Jason Winer and starring Russell Brand:

Arthur Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Various artists.
1. A Harmless Game of Dress Up – Arthur Orchestra
2. A Little Bit Better – Daniel Merriweather
3. Where Our Destination Lies – Ben Gibbard
4. Dazed – Daniel Merriweather
5. Hello, I Must Be – Mark McAdam & Dermot Mulroney
6. While You Wait – Mark McAdam
7. When the Sun Goes Down – Ben Gibbard
8. Can’t Buy You – Daniel Merriweather
9. Pogo – Eternal Summers
10. Arthur’s Theme (Best That You Can Do) – Fitz & the Tantrums
Arthur Song - Arthur Music - Arthur Soundtrack

You may listen to the songs of the soundtrack of Arthur below:

Quite a few funky songs!

19 Responses - “Arthur”

  1. Esmee

    Is there anyone who can tell me what the song is in the magnetic bed attraction scene? I got the beat stuck in my head but I can’t find out who it is

  2. Shay

    Omg I was trying to figure out the same thing ! I know it’s by Chris brown , but idk the name of it

  3. Nick

    It’s “Pass Out” by Tinie Tempah

  4. Ash

    Whats the one that plays just after the nanny dies ??
    The sad sounding one

  5. Leesa

    Is there anyone that can tell me the song that played and it said something like “walking along in these shoes/or walking along this road/path”…can’t quite remember how it went…but really want to know…
    I’ve been thru the soundtrack list and can’t find it…

  6. Brandon

    I believe it’s called where our destination lies by Ben gibbard

  7. Sophie

    What is the song played after Susan and Arthur get engaged in the restaurant??

  8. Silva

    What is the song that is played during the party after hobson(the nanny) dies??

  9. ivan

    Dazed – Daniel Merriweather

  10. Liamcleod

    Its pass out by 360

  11. nath

    what is the ending song? please ,its play at the end,when the name of actor are written

  12. sam

    whats the name of the song that plays when the woman he’s getting married too is laying on the magnet bed wile he was with naomi??
    please help i really want to know the name of the song

  13. Kmp

    Party after Hobson dies: Money cant buy you

  14. ally_star

    What is the name of the song that plays after he tells naomi that he is engaged?

  15. Christian Bernard

    What is the song that is played when Arthur is on the phone with his mom saying “please dont make me do this” The Song that plays when he is talking to Vivian. There is no lyrics to it, its just like some high pitched bells or something but im Eager to know the song! Someone Please Do Help Me!

  16. Fine Pens

    Hi, I’m also looking for the song Christian Bernard is looking for. Can someone please help us?

  17. double_gift

    what is the title of song that comes in the credit and it sounds like this “how do people fallin’ in love in New York City” (at least)

  18. kymby

    I’ve been looking for the song that plays while he reads the letter from Hobson just before the wedding. Is it an actual song or is it just an instrumental filler??

  19. karlo june

    double_gift here it is
    Arthur’s Theme (best That You Can Do)

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